VEGETARIAN stuffed marrow ring with sweet potato topping

NOTE: This took less 30 mins and would also be good with real meat or a polenta/cheese topping!

I baked the marrow ring, covered in tin-foil for 15 mins to soften it up whilst in the microwave i heated up some soy mince mixed with water, mixed herbs, soy sauce and heinz tomato ketchup until it created a gravy and heated through.

I then drained the mince and placed it inside the marrow ring, priking the side of the marrow and placed it in the oven for 30 mins, **i used the rest of the mince gravy to pour on afterwards**

Whilst that was cooking i micro’ed a sweet potato untill soft and mashed,

i placed this ontop of the marrow ring and returned it into the oven for the remaining 30 mins


VEGAN Wholewheat Spaghetti Mincetang

NOTE: This took less than 15 mins to make, its perfect for a quick but healthy meal!

i also added chopped cherry tomatoes and KETCHUP (very important), frozen peas, pre cooked sweetcorn to vegan soy mince with water, i let it simmer untill all the liquid had made more of a saucy mix and the mince had plumped up, whilst this was cooking i had been microwaving spaghetti and as soon as this was done i plated it up, so quick and easy but the ketchup adds the flavor and realy gives it a punch


GLUTEN-FREE (vegan) Sundried tomato tofu,Caper and courgette Forceine

NOTE: coming soon!!

Recipe coming soon


GLUTEN-FREE (vegan) Tropical yoghurt smoothie

NOTE: I feel bad putting these as “recipes” because there soo simple, but i just love it because, being a student you easily run out of lunch/snack supplies and a great way of using tinned (or fresh) fruit without the usual yoghurt bowl and fruit combo.****

  • Fresh or tinned pinapple chunks
  • Fresh or tinned mango chunks (I would sugest fresh to be honest)
  • Alpro vanilla soya yoghurt – 1/4 of a tub
  • I’m not going to lie, all you have to do is liquidize these items.. but it reminds me abit of solero ice lollys…mmm yum!

    keep in the fridge for the best, refreshing taste.



    GLUTEN-FREE (vegan)      Black bean and tamari sauce burgers

    NOTE:** You can use a normal soy sauce but because im gluten free i used tamari**

  • 1 can of black beans, mashed
  • Splash of tamari sauce
  • Gluten free bread crumbs
  • Parsley
  • This is a nice and simple one for when your abit short on time but fancy somthing freshly made.

    Mash the black beans in a bowl and mix with the tamari, being sticky from the sauce it was perfect without needing an egg to roll lightly ontop of some gluten free bread crumbs. I finally dusted it with some parsley and browned it under the grill for 5 mins on both sides, you could put this in a pan if you wish but i found it crisped up nicer by grilling it.

    I paired mine with roasted sweet potato chunks and mayola but you coud put it in a bap or purly on its own, possibilities are endless 😉


     GLUTEN-FREE (vegan) Chickpea flour mushroom and pesto lasagne

    NOTE: I used dairy free pesto but u can use usual, works well with the chickpea flour

    recipe coming soon!!


    GLUTEN-FREE (vegan) brown rice, broad bean and tofu purple lettuce rolls


    recipe coming soon!!


    GLUTEN-FREE (vegan)Brazilian black bean stew

    NOTE: This is such a easy dish but packed with flavor and iron!

    I mixed kidney beans, celery, couple chopped cherry tomatoes, spinach and a couple blobs of gluten free brown sauce
    this i put in a saucepan with a little water and let it bubble away untill the mixture reduced and the celery was soft
    I paired this with brown rice and broccoli…also a small strawberry salad with balsamic
    I love making recipes! the brown sauce realy made it TAAANGGY
    keep in the fridge for the best, refreshing taste.



    VEGAN Pizza Cartwheels

    NOTE: This would work well with any cheese, be it vegan or dairy, i used soya vegan cheeze spread

    I rolled out a long strip of puff pastry and covered it in tomato puree, soya vegan creamcheeze, spinach leaves and mixed herbs, fresh might work better for a more POW! flavor

    I then rolled it into a long tube and cut it with a blunt knife into little circles and baked for 30 mins



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    1. thanks for visiting my blog! these dishes look delicious! look forward to more recipes from you. 🙂

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