I model….
(i think i look healthier since this picture was taken and i bleached my hair..) 

….but i prefer to be JUST meeee.. and a webcam hides nothing 🙂

Christmas day 2009~

(the rest of my siblings arnt at home, and my dad e.c.t are home in Ireland)

-Minus my grandad who was at home ill 😦

….not quite so dignified… ;D

My best friend Dan

Our lovely ponies (some of them as.. in the “New Forest” in Hampshire U.K ponies run around on the forest free but their owned by people (including my family) so only some of ours are in feilds.



  1. Hey! randomly came across your blog after reading food blogs for about 2 years 🙂 cool to see someone English (I live in London/Surrey) and around my own age! love love love that top picture btw!!

  2. awhh thankyou 😀 thats so awesome i realy need to meet other bloggies/readers in the area, do u have a bloggie?


    • Just made one… first post today! 🙂


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