And sheees back from roma

August 28, 2010

It was soo hot in rome, we decided to get the national express coach up to london as it was alot cheaper!! my mum picked us up on the way home πŸ™‚

I’m not going to go into tons of detail like i would want to, im just going to post pictures!

cheeseless pizza

red fish and prawns with noodles

gnocchi and basil

we visited loads of the main sights and i made a scrap book to show all the things we did , including collecting post cards/ leaflets e.c.t i love doing things like this as when im older i can look back and think πŸ˜€ ahh cool!

Ali…omg nightmare he was a right ****

seriously. he tried it on and it was awkward, now hes deleted me of facebook, deleted all his pictures of us and me from all his albums and deleted my family and friends off too.. i think its a shame as i truely beleived he was a decent freind you know? and at nearly 24 you would think he could take a sexual regection on the chin yea? ..aparently not

clearly he was only friends with me for one reason and as he couldnt get it.. bye bye peony?… what a w**k*r!!!

the sights were beautiful though πŸ™‚ shame he ruined my holiday! next time going away with a girl!!!!


Yes… i went to see my psychic again about my job, i know people dont always beleive in them but shes told me too much over the years for me not to beleive, there are defently things she never would have known otherwise!

she told me that i have a job change coming up WITHIN A MONTH woooop! she said it wil be alot more relaxed atmosphere and that my current one is making me very depressed as there is a major clicky atmosphere there, (defently)

she also mentioned “you are starting some courses in september and you will do fantasticaly well in them as you have the determination now and the self beelive that was wavering before!” … and its true i am doing evening courses in september πŸ™‚

My maths and english courses have been payed for for months but All ive got to do now is raise Β£405 pounds to do a counselling course (young children and teenagers) which starts in january that has caught my eye.

“heirloom lion” acrylic πŸ™‚ messsy style painted in like 4 hours i guess

maybe selling this canvas i JUST painted will help?

My newest one πŸ™‚ i sent a picture of it to rich and he was like “is that my babee amy!!” i was well happy cos he recognised who it was πŸ™‚
Im now off to sleep as i have a wicked cold and i have to work 7 till 7pm bank holiday sunday and monday

religious people? pretty please pray ill get another job really soon 😦 xxxx


Holiday exercise?

August 9, 2010

hello rich’s band in KERRANG!

I’m very proud of him πŸ™‚ but ok before this turns into a stalker blog for rich i will move on.


I’m not going to lie im not looking forward to it, mainly because of my ibs, its so bad at the moment and im going awat with a guy who dosnt reall understand what it slike to have it, i know im going to be in alot of pain as i was last year on holiday with ollie and that was only half time time im going this time!! wish me luck yea :/

Its going to be so beautiful for photographs and im going to have to see how the veggie options really are like out there!

I noticed how most of my favorite blogs are on breaks at the moment and this makes me kinda sad 😦 hope you all come back soon! i was on a mini break myself but decided to blog more frequently now πŸ™‚ maybe not so much about food! i just dont have the time to photograph it anymore but i will be on holiday! gotta loveee the local foods on offer!

I got a 4GB and a new battery for my canon 400d , i already have 1GB and a 2GB memory cards but just wanted to be safe! i got them both for around 10 pounds on amazon.co.uk ….and some post cards my friend send me from his grandads on holiday..lucky boy

Job hunting wise its not going brilliant, yes ive started back up again but im crying so bad working were i am and i cant bear to be there any more, its alright when my girls are in i.e. (above people) but there all going back to uni soon and i will be left with my boss and another women who both make me feel si shit about myself and always down talking me that il liturly go for anything else going now. its gotten that bad, would love to get a sign around now just to give me a little hope πŸ™‚

I’m hoping to go into anything pharmacy related, its a step closer to being a medic in the navy right?!?

anyway!!! its half 5am and i need to eat my fruit and fibre and a big mug of coffee and rice milk to fuel me up for my 7am coach..to heathrow airport toΒ romee!!

i printed out a pilates sheet to take with me which i got from this siteΒ ohh and the place we are stayingΒ in rome.

Im not going to lie i worry about not working out for practicaly a week, i realise i will be doing alot of walking but in my head its not quite the same? i guess its because im used to gyming it nearly every day/running/cycling, not because im worried about getting fat but because ive built up quite abit of muscle.. i guess it wont dissapear while im away!

what do u feel about going away and no exercise? do u try and get in a cheeky work out or are u thinking “free time”?

would be great to hear your side πŸ™‚

see you in a few days with some holiday pictures!!! xxx


spot of inking before ROME

August 1, 2010

4 hours of watching this…..it was fun actually i love watching tattoos being done! its inspired me to finish my next one now!!
He was finishing of one of his sleaves by merging it into one, i’ll post a few pictures to give u a feel of what its like!
he went to some amazing artist in L.A just to get hisΒ safari animalsΒ done….and his bands guna be in kerrang! onthe 4th aug πŸ˜€ il post it up!

Not finished yet though πŸ™‚
buzz from toystory

micheal jackson

His chest piece…
He a koi/octopus/hibiscus/waves on the other arm but i dont have a picture of this! and the “explorer badge” from disney pixar UP on the other arm (hes obsessed with UP) errrm a kidney bean with a face going “owah” which is a joke among friends, errrrrm his best mates initials and i cant remeber what else he has aha!!
im booking in mine soon πŸ˜€ anyway enough about rich…


Alisdair and I are off from the 9-13 as i didnt want to go away for too long.. i get from saturday the 7th off and go back to work on the 16th its the only holiday ive had off since august last year.. everyone gets 2 weeks but im not alowd as its august and the busiest time at work *sigh* im going to try get another week of in november to goΒ home toΒ ireland or somthing!

romes going to be amazing though! i’m sure there will be alott of pictres ready for posting!

stone hendge next week aswell πŸ™‚

has anyone been there? its soo close to my house its crazy we havnt been!

mmm vegan crandberry and brown sugaaaa rock cakes πŸ™‚

We go to the new forest show every year, used to show our animals or take part in the horse riding classes but this year we didnt and i found it well..boring? just wasnt that much there! pretty dissapointed really :/

anyone else off on holiday? xx


“vegan” break

July 10, 2010

big post ahead!!!

I have made my decicion…and it has taken me a long time to blog about it, ive been eating things like fish fingers, king tiger prawns cod fish cakes, tuna and egg, NOT MEAT though that would be icky (in my opinion..even though i know alot of people would say fish is meat) and u know what? i like it I LIKE IT, im not sure if its going to be a permenent change but im happy to go with the flow for the meen time…
still no dairy though im very highly alergic!

i made my decision because i like the taste, if i like somthing i should eat it right? well i am πŸ™‚ and im happy.
Im also happy brcause ive been going out alot recently including night town which is strangly weird for me πŸ™‚

But at the moment im trying to book a holiday for me and alisdair, we are thinking rome, we were going to athens 😦 but i had to shell out Β£490 for evening courses from september!! and so my budget has taken a hit, we are hoping to still visit the sight of POMPEII though πŸ˜€

I feel very happy because it feels like im finally doing somthing, im re taking my maths and english becaus ei missed them when i was off school for 2 years ..ill… and by doing maths il hopfully pass my navy exam NEXT year which i only failed on with maths πŸ™‚ I WILL GET THERE!!!

shushh..dont speak peony…just post

My pony sunny!
We are trying to get back into riding full swing, i tried to take her out on my own the other day though…not so well! took 40 mins to catch her then she messed around, just wanted to play with the others i think! after bein smacked around the face with her head i gave up and called mum to help me haha FAILLL πŸ˜‰

fakin’ chikn’ fillet with..super noodles and roasted veg (major craving..you will tell from this postΒ ive been short on food cooking time?!?)

my beaaautiful sister πŸ™‚

Tiger king prawn, soy sauce noodles

Butter bean tomato stew thang with noodles

spicy kidney bean burger and stirfried vegetables.

Strawberry fruit flakes and Organix goodies animal biscuits these are actually for little kids but the nutritional info is so good, check it out! plus they reminded me of thoughs animal biscuits covered in chocolate that i cant eat anymore πŸ™‚

..abit obvious i guess hehe jacket potato with tinned spaghetti and artichoke hearts.

tomato and basil gnocchi with butterbeans.

braised tofu, i buy it in a tin from co-op Β£1.99 with amy’s noodles

blackeyed bean salsa i made.

tuna pasta bake with vegan cheese and spinach tortillii..with baby forks…

couscous i got from my friend dee with veggie fingers.

and with that i wil stop posting!

i have a great recipe for cinnamon vegan rock cakes which il post next time, they are soo good πŸ˜€

how have u been coping weith the hot weather? its been taking it out of me a little..not complaining though πŸ˜‰

any of u going on holiday? xxx


the fat emperor

June 13, 2010

Navy exam results.

yea so i failed…it was so hard, well the questions were not but the short time limit, i spent too long on some maths questions so didnt finish them all, i PASSED EVERYTHING ELSE, it was just the maths! seriously gutted, i cried, my mum cried e.c.t

but u know what? its ok. its ok because im not giving up, i submitted my application for evening courses for my maths and english hopfully this will get me up to date with maths and then next june when im aloud to retake my exam i will fly through! πŸ˜€

I know i will join the forces and i will still be doing medical just slightly diffrent, hopfully this process will go better .

what do i do when im stressed? i paint.

its called “the fat emperor” painted it in the afternoon when i got bored..i always spent only a couple hours on a painting haha


Jessica is amazing dont u think?? she has seriously helped me so much over the last couple months and im very happy she is around πŸ™‚ we both decided to do a canvas swap (awesome right!) and i sent off hers a couple days ago, only took 2 days which i thought was really quick

For jess’s request i did a black cat πŸ™‚ i found it quite difficult because im used to painting on massive canvas’s and this canvas was 5″ x7″ inch so pretty small but its cool to try new things, i hope she liked it as much as i enjoyed doing it for her xx

I actually squealed with happiness when her box turned up!

noone has ever sent me or painted a picture for me before, never mind 3!!

i love all the time and effort that went into these fantasdtic pictures!!

i put them up in my works bedroom striahgt away and showed everyone at work them, and at home!,

thankyou again jess you are truly an inspiration πŸ™‚

hahaha omg look at the state of my best friends room! i dont know how he ever brings over lady friends here…eww

We headed to the pub the other night πŸ™‚ night before the england vs united states game, anyone watch?

it was a great laugh as always, dans having girl problems at the moment (as in the girl hes seing is like “i loveee you” after like one kiss..hes freaked out haha)


….ewwwwww, do other people do this?!! i think its gross

oo have u tried these new trainers? aparently they work wonders..(there his mums not his..apparently ;] )

my girl deanna πŸ™‚

should have gotten a group pic of everyone but i forgotttt

..dont ask

anyone want me to send them this recovery shake? i got it as a free sample but its got dairy in, good stats, wish i could!
whats your views on shakes? or do u prefer REAL FOOD?

ooo oo i have a second date this week :)…hopfully finally getting over jason..getting there..wish me luck

….i need to make some decent meals..or maybe upload my other camra photos..or maybe just take pics of it!
off to work i go!


Pony/Burgers..but notΒ together!

May 27, 2010

sorry i havnt been here! ive been outside (thats a lie, ive been working inside) having fun being anoyed at work as some people arnt pulling their wayΒ in a beautiful weekend, and eating alot of FIG ROLLS AND KIMBERLY BISCUITS …my sister was named after the popular irish biscuits btw..seing as were irish haha

atleast i got to spend time with the people that matter!

thonggg alert there dee πŸ˜‰

My work girlies! and best girlfriend deanna on ze right

Thats a PEONY PLANT behind me…just so u know πŸ˜‰

this is the first canvas or painting i have done since Jason…to be honest its still effects me (never did hear back from him!)

and when im down i just dont want to draw u know? i only ever draw when i have romantic situations and so now i actually want to paint again!

makes me VERY HAPPY

i paint in a weird way, just adding bits to it randomly.

Metal weighted handle skipping rope!!
my new order from amazon πŸ˜‰ will try it out

Some times my lunches look like subways :p…the good thing (?) about working in a bakery is the free baghettes u get to take home

..mmm vegan mayo and pickles β™₯

Like i was saying about summer though, its nice to try new cool things, and in budgens after work (its like a supermarket chain) i picked up this

I have honestly never tried couscous before, mainly because ive been gluten free for years so i thought id buy it!

I added it on my baby plate (bought from the disney shop ;D) with a vegan chik’n burger and salad (ketchup AND vegan mayo) as for a dinner i knew that alone would not fill me up

while poking around in tescos i descovered this little gem, its a spicy bean burger,Β such a deep flavor to them πŸ™‚ i had it with potatoes and a few baked beans AND green beans πŸ™‚

See a burger type thaaang going on here? haha BBQ season is on the brain!!

Corn pasta (gluten free)

Haha look at my sister peering in through the window!
This time of year all i want are salads, new potatoes and bread!!

totally picnic table weather πŸ™‚

We spent some of saturday just lazing around with the ponies and horses so i took a couple pictures

Banner, my mums riding horse, he was born to two new forest ponies, yet he is far too big to be a pony,must be a throw back in generations πŸ™‚

this is sunny (thats her stable name) we have had her since she was born, her mother diedΒ  so my mum fed her from a bucket, shes the same age as me to the week!! shes my riding pony πŸ™‚

i didnt get pictures of our other horses though :S woops

aswell as some fake running pictures with the sis…just because u kno?

On friday next week i have my psychometric testing for the navy, im really struggling with the maths side of things, i pretty much think im going to fail, if i fail its a year before i can re try, i really cant bare being in the bakery for another year, i need to move on with my life, if i fail…wait !! ok lets be possitive here, get off wordpress peony and get revising, its your life and you need to go into that exam thinking..hey u know what…


how do YOU revise for exams?


Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Falling off the vegan wagon…and more birthdays!

May 13, 2010

I’m not going to lie….i’ve been putting this post off but the contence is getting longer and longer and i feel i have to post it or start again…I’m going to post it

My friend Milee had her birthday on sunday and so saturday lunch time we all headed to the “PILGRIM HOUSE” chinese resturant in ocean village, which by the way is neer southampton, if theres any britts out there.

(It was buffet style so there was a few dishes in the middle that a massive round table had to shair so it was what was on the menu milee’s mum had booked)

I found out about it in the morning and i did freak a little bit…
Omgg what vegan stuff can i eat??its buffet style so its what the table has that goes…omg shall i cancel?”


okok…i know im vegan, i have been for many years, i havnt ate meat for a long long longgg time and i thought i would be repulsed at myself, i tried duck..didnt like it…but i LIKED the chicken, i have no intention on eating it again but you kno what..i have NO IBS PAINS that day at all..first day in months, i stoped when i was full. we had a tiny little bowl which we put the things in, and so i ate not too much but i felt FREE.. I havnt felt free in a long time.

(Im a vegan because that tital best fits what my dietry needs are, i dont particularly like meat, never have the texture throws me off and thats the only reason, next to my rare S-C-R iritible bowel syndrome)

😦 please dont judge me, because im not judging me..im living, and living the first normal meal out when people had no idea of my past and feeling..well…normal?
To be honest ive been thinking off meat for a long time, probibily why ive been eating so much meat substututions recently?
Its really gotten it out of my system!…im still the girl that grew up on a dairy farm πŸ™‚

onto some VEGAN eats now though..LOL

And in the name of VEGAN CHOCOLATE CAKE…for milees birthday πŸ™‚

You defo couldnt tell the diffrence!

pubbing it

Me and my best friend dan πŸ™‚

I tried out my new toastie maker i got for my birthday πŸ™‚ loved itt

Next time im going to post a few pages of the scrap book my best girl friend deanna made for me πŸ™‚ it made me have happy tears!

Scrambled tofu, vegan fak’in bak’on

The vegan bacon (that i froze from buying in brighton) worked pretty good in a sandwich with branston pickle and salad too!

Spinach pasta, vegetable fingers with balsamic vinigar, quick and tasty after a long work day.

This is another thing i thought to de frost (its laughable how much food we have in our freezer..need to crack down on it!

Gnocchi in tomato pureed sauce i made, steamed brock and cauli and a vegan tofu spring roll..yummy yummy in my tummy

Have i sent u all to sleep yet?…..umm….heeeellllllooooo?!?!….i think so πŸ˜‰

Now im off back to bed, have a horrid head cold and been off work with a box of tissues πŸ˜€

love love xx