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Hello Gluten

February 27, 2010

(sorry about the blackberry pics. my camras are at someones house)


british weather ayee, when is the sun going to come out!!!

and what is there to do on your days off when its raining?

alot of reading..

that ibs book actually is quite good, its told me that bad sleeping, head aches and stress all go towards ibs… explains alot for my life!!


southampton ayee!

I was looking at my blog views and got really excited 🙂

I wonder if most of you have blogs or are just readers? it would be awesome to find out!


Ive been thinking about putting together a (uk only sorryy) give away, what sort of things do u uk bloggies want to get?

Ive done christmas swaps for bloggers before which was realy fun 🙂 so gimmi some ideas!

I decided to replace a canvas (its on my art page) of the “random girl” and “random guy” with him licking her stomach naked… i decided that these two “random people*cough*” shouldnt be on my wall anymore because it brings up weird old memories… so anyway aha i bought a new canvas to put in its place

The range 🙂 it has loads and really good prices, this was a 40×30 inch for £11.99!!! barginnn

I’m trying to show how big it is by the back of my car haha

Its comming along!!

I love my gluten free pasta salads, well… i love covering them in vegan mayo!

before going vegan i got through soo much pizza and salad cream (together..) and well salad cream on anything!

so vegan mayola is like my sub 🙂 i hear that they make salad cream too? id actually do anything to find that…

 (cue road trip to londonnnn)

heyyy talking about pizza *rumbles* i bought these gluten free pizza bases from waitrose the other day!

I put quite a few diffrent things on it, why not! including half a block of herbed tofu (love)

before baking (the forks jobless its just there to show the size)

after cooking…. it was crisp and well good… mmmm pizzzzzaaaa

quite abit of vegan cheese, spinach, tomato puree, sweetcorn and mushrooms  😀 was a winnnn

the gluten question!!

yes.. i am going to try it again,  im going to try a little bit (read: gnocchi !) to see how i am, my tummy hurts alot eather way so i duno what the diffrence will be 🙂 if it still gives me alot of pain than i will obviously stop it, everythings worth a try isnt it?

So after a quick trip to co-op for these vegan GLUTEN sausages i started my challenge

this is bog standard food, you can pretty much tell what else is there your not stttoooopid 🙂 haha gota love my vegan mayoo

….and the waiting begins! i will lets u know how the gluten goess!!!!

oh before i leave you!

I made a mini cake for my mum and sis

It was seposed to be cupcakes but i ran out of the cases, they liked it 😉

happy birthday nanny 🙂 she looooves her poodles

cyaass xxx


milk the changes

February 22, 2010

Herbal remedies? do you take/ beleive in them?

I’m a big beleiver in diffrent ways to help the body without using drugs all the time, not going to lie..if i have a headache i’m going to reach for the ibiprofen..

For my ibs (which controls my whole life) i had acupuncture for a year

Can’t really remember if it helped… i was eating gluten at the time so my stomach was killing me either way ha:D

but anywayss… for the last 2 months i wake up pretty much every two hours through out the night, even though i get up at 6 every morning, dont have any caffinated anythings and lead a very active lifestyle.. i just dont get it!

I received this free sample of Asphalia “for natural sleep”
they do other ones as well including “for natural radiance,pet care, protection and weight control”

It actually has wheat in it….so it might cure my sleep but cause me a belly ache too… cant win both i guess 😛

I have just started to take “korean ginseng” tablets “energy for an active lifestyle” fingers crossed ayee!

Work was soo dead today, i think probibily because all the school kids were off back home after the half term holidays! i got out at 3:45 which wasnt bad, on my way home i got my new passport pictures done as i totally Just found out it runs out IN JUNE not good for my traveling plans!!

Check out the diffrence 2 years make!! …DOES ANY PASSPORT PICTRES EVER COME OUT NICE?!?! ..nahh

(feb 2010)

(may 2008)

I thought i would give my top dairy free milks in this post!

This is just my personal tastes, i dont like milk that tastes too thick or too watery, which i found some rice milks to be like or the soya light was not great…soya original was probibly high on my list as the organic (with added apple juice was errrrrggg)

I made the switch from soya to rice just to see how it makes me feel.. i quite like it…well..i mix inALOT of nutmeg and cinnamon into my cereal, nutmeg is my only love though 🙂

I tried a new milk just coming available though, kara dairy free coconut water milk thangg (the site here)

Ofcourse… i may be a tad alergic to coconut (what the **** am i not alergic too?!?!) so the milk actually hurt abit but it was worth trying… it may have been amazing 🙂 i think it would be good in cakes…or curries

do u like real milk or milk subs? which do u use?

cyaaaaa xxx


noodles for noodles

February 19, 2010

ello ello!
soooo much has happened the last few days its crazy..i’m trying to decide how much of my life i want to put on the net but i’m sure i will post about it soon 🙂

I have been baking though…and i’m going to shair it with you lovely lot 🙂

Flapjacksss.. before baking!!

I would love to be able to share the recipe with you but unfortunately my mother (I wouldn’t know because I’m allergic to oats) said it was “too healthy tasting” even though I added golden syrup AND honey…weirdo ;D

It was literally a mix of oats, oat bran and wheat bran, soya butter, brown sugar , golden syrup, raisins mixed up and put onto a baking tray.

Finally I drizzled some agave nectar on top and sprinkled some chopped Spanish cooking chocolate… Yummy

Bargin food shopping, everyone does it right?

I think i can’t be the only one out there to buy some things in bulk! for example in tescos i bought these rice noodles that were reduced to 50p! bargin 😉 … unfortuntly i realise being such a MASSSIVEEEE bag its going to take abit to get through..that or make everything possible with it 😀 the quest begins!!
what sort of things do YOU bulk buy?

I didn’t get round to make normal pancakes :O so i customized some.. introducing…. rice noodle pancakes!

I cooked the noodles in some herbed hot water for 10 mins before shaping them.

All i did was place them in the oven for 20/25 mins (turning inbetweeen) with some cooking spray untill they went all crrrrrispy

I paired them with slices of soy tofu and HEARTS OF PALM! it was my first time trying them and i guess they were alright.. prefer artichoke ALOT more though.

Diffrent methods includee:

Rice noodles in sesame dressing, soy sauced tofu, lemon grass, courgette slices, carrots, pak choy, red cabbage, all stir fried up in my trusty wok.. funny to think I cooked it one every night and ate with chopsticks only a year ago!

There was a lot! Of rice noodles in that bag and the next night it got me thinking…

I this time teamed the noodles with braised tofu, baby corncobs, BAKED PARSNIP (oh how I love theee) garden peas and curly kale 😀 all stir fried of course.

I run the bakery on sundays and thankfully work with one of my best friends, Dee!

This is infact her lunch not mine.. but shes on a quest to be healthy and i thought (asked ofcourse) i would show her progress on my blog 🙂

“chicken and lettuce on wholemeal, orange slices, saltanas and ….uhh cucumber?” haha why she did this mix i will never know!

gotta love living in the new forest!

shes blind in her left eye 😦 always has been though!

As in my last post i showed you some cards i made for some workies well because it was their birthday i decided to bake a cake!

Totally un vegan and gluten-tastic but its how they love it 🙂

Mich with the cake 😀

ok ok i am aware that it looks like a 5 year old attaked it.. it was like all the decorating things i had on hand…

plus the icing names of mich and angie were done using ginger bread man button sticking on icing and not writing icing so haha just defending my cake 😀


i’m on a reallly long cycle ride tomorrow! should be good ayee