photo tips and my next exhibition :)

February 11, 2011

When taking pictures there are many common errors that alwyas seem to happen! usually just when you want the perrrrfect photo.

these are normally;

  • Red eye
  • out of focus
  • “flash attack”
  • bad lighting
  • The flash causing a “white patch” on the photos is actually the ligh hitting a near object, the flash unit controls itself, bouncing of the first thing it comes in contact with then turns off.

    Flash is good in dark lighting but if there is an object inbetween you and the camra then the issues start

    YOU can change this, to DIY change the flash colour you can always attatch a coloured sweet wrapper/ cellophane over the lense or translucent paper will soften the harshness of the flash.

    By having your subjects back to the light you can avoice the light ‘eating your picture’

    Built in flashes also contribute to red eye, this is because when its darker our iris open wider to let in more light, the light bounces off our retinas causing the red effect

    If the subject looks right at you it would most likey have the red eye, you canremove this usually with a button on your camera or byt defalt picture editors online/ on your laptop/computer.


    my next exhibtion will be part of a young group of artists in the south of england, heres a poster if your local come along!!

    my works up in INFINITY FOODS vegetarian cafe brighton at the moment 🙂


    One comment

    1. Great tips 🙂 Red eye is so annoying :S

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