January 31, 2011

Well hello there!
I cant actually belevie how much has changed in my life since i last posted….maybe october?

This could turn out to be an epic post, not sure who/if anyone will be reading anymore but oh well here goes!
il cut it short for you..

To be honest what im going to do is start afresh on this blog, it would be impossible to write all the things that have happened the last few months so im just going to start with from today onwards, that okay? fab!

  • I have a ART EXHIBITION!!!!! up in brightons INFINTY FOODS CAFE, north lanes, at the moment :D!!!!!!
  • Me and henry broke up. a looong time ago, there has been guys since, shocked? …didnt think so! haah
  • I got a new job2 new jobs, one was a temp john lewis one for xmas and then my new job!!! as a trainee dental nurse!I feel, so, so happy that finally someone has shown me a glimmer of hope,as you know how missrible my old job was making me, i love this! im starting evening dental course in march! :), Its like 2 mins from my house aswell and i even get to go home for lunch break :DI promice next time i will get back into a pattern but for now, i will leave you with pictures!

    promice my next post wont be so lame, i just thought id give a quick update!

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    One comment

    1. So pleased for (and proud of) you ~ it must be so exciting to see your pictures in exhibition format. I can only dream of such success and it’s a definite reflection of your talent.

      Brill news about the job as well ~ everything seems so positive so onwards and upwards I say 🙂

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