A firefighters meal pack, opened

October 3, 2010


I chopped polenta into chunks with leeks, roasted asparagus, marrow, king prawns, soy sauce, broccoli and black pepper! when it was cooked i used my last miso soup packet to make a chunky thick sauce to place on top..was gooood and quick!

I was saying about some jewelry im starting to make all from this bracelet!

more to come!

I feel english classes are going soo well at the moment, shes giving me tons of praise and im not going to lie it feels great to finally be doing work ! i missed learning so bad, i made friends with a guy in my class called mike though and were shairing lifts from now on as he lives really close to me, handy or what!

I love feeling as if im realy going forward in my life and that feels great 🙂

If you are a regular to my blog you would already know that my mum is a fire fighter and in charge of USAR (urban search and rescue), the point being is there was a tonnn of left over rashion packs from a recent exercise and i thought i would have a little look inside to see what meals are given to “on the go firefighters” to last them allllll daaaayyy

BREAKFAST~ 1278 kcal

“sunshine cereal with cantaloupe” packet

engergy bar (198kcal) energy drink – rasberry flavor

sugar free gum cocoa drink



hand cloth

chlorine tablet for water

LUNCH~ 1327 kcal

“sweet ‘n’ sour chicken” packet

oat energy biscuits

tuna (lime + pepper) sachet

energy drink- lemon flavor

cocoa drink

energy bar


sugar free chewing gum

hand cleaning wipe

cholrine tablet for water

DINNER~ 1148kcal

energy drink- peach flavor

“cod and potato stew” pack

energy bar

blackcurrent drink



sugar free chewing gum

cleaning wipe

chlorine tablet for water

this all for a day in a fire fighting meal pack for a day 🙂

I dont know if that intrests you but i find it cool to see what sort of things they have, its a good mix of carbs, protein, fats and sugar to keep them going. i like how the bigger meal is at lunch so that its not too heavy on them at night for when they are sleeping in makeshift tents!

If you want any of the energy bars/ oat biscuits i’ll send them to you! the energy bars have dairy in but a usual bar of less than 200kcals, ive tried the oat biscuit slabs and they are super yummy and keep u full 🙂 so let me know!!

and so i will leave u now as ive already typed too much,

(hummus salad sarnie btw…love this mag! going to try make a few things from it next week BANANA CAKE!)

My sister ready for a party as a hippie…its weird to think i actually own all these clothes..HAHA oh gawwd….



  1. Nothing wrong with being a hippie 🙂 My Mum was a hippie in the 70s…I think all of her clothes are still both fashionable and beautiful.

    I love the new layout and header ~ showcases the beauty of both your art and, well, you!

    That was so interesting to read about the rescue packs ~ seems like the epitome of ‘functional’ food and it just shows exactly how much those guys (and girls) need to get them through such a gruelling day, even though it doesn’t look much in those itty bitty packs.

    So happy the classes are going well and I am very excited that you may be visiting the North…if you’d still like to meet me after my last struggling post that is…I don’t feel like much of an idol or inspiration any more 😦



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