Cooking on a time limit.

September 28, 2010

oh hello rejection letters,
its nice to hear from you but why so frequently?!?
yours, anoyed job hunter

my counselling course has been delayedd! But thats ok! im booked to start it in Janurary which gives me abit more time to concentrate on my maths and english evening classes πŸ™‚

Its been about eating on the run though! and some times i dont always have time to make proper meals, i bought this quick and easy lot from budgens on my way to (what i thought was counselling…)

Chicken pasta a bear pear and orange juicee, i actually had the pair PEAR (why is it soo hard to write pear?!?) at 9pm..u kno just b’cos!

yeaaa ibs hates garlicy onion gluten pastaaaa =bad move

Obviously with all the bad job issues im having at the moment ive been getting quite down/depressed, i hate feeling like this and so my friend stevie called up and asked if i wanted to see that new julia roberts film πŸ™‚ he said it was about a lady trying to find who she was and going from there and said thats what im trying to do, i took up his offer even though it was a sunday evening after work and all i wanted to do was curl in a ball and stew in my self pity state..oh god haha

I tried to get a nice picture of stevie in the cinema but i failed haha he never lets me take pictures, i got one of myself though before hand… haha talk about caught in the camra flash light haha

I managed to kind of take a picture of him last christmas..hahha some people i guess just hate pictures!

I have decided though even if i have no time that i have ended up latly eating the same sort of things, tinned spaghetti..soup…alot of sandwiches..jackets….fish fingers…..more tinned spaghetti haha that i will MAKE SOME FOOD!



the beauty of freezers aye!

I baked the marrow ring, covered in tin-foil for 15 mins to soften it up whilst in the microwave i heated up some soy mince mixed with water, mixed herbs, soy sauce and heinz tomato ketchup until it created a gravy and heated through.

I then drained the mince and placed it inside the marrow ring, priking the side of the marrow and placed it in the oven for 30 mins, **i used the rest of the mince gravy to pour on afterwards**

Whilst that was cooking i micro’ed a sweet potato untill soft and mashed,

i placed this ontop of the marrow ring and returned it into the oven for the remaining 30 mins

this was sooo nice! it was also nice though to actually cook somthing diffrent πŸ™‚ i love stuffed marrow its always been a favorite of mine, aparently my mum used to eat it tons whilst preggers with me, might be why?

(btw thats grilled sweet potato skins next to the grilled asparagus and left over gravy)

ive been working on a whole string of jewlrey which im excited to show you next time!

my family have gone to Malta this week as my mum has done a paddy diving course and wants to test it out so homeee alone πŸ™‚ lush!




  1. Unfortunately it’s the same for almost everyone right now: I know so many people that are finding it impossible to get jobs, so it’s not just you. Something will turn up if you persevere, I’m sure of it! Try not to let it get you down *hugs*.

    Looking beautiful in your picture! Your eye make-up is stunning πŸ˜€

    Can’t wait to see the jewellery…perhaps you might consider selling it as jewellery usually does particularly well at things like craft fairs? Just a thought anyhoo.



    • Yee soo many people are struggeling at the moment so i feel guilty moaning about it as i should be greatful as i already have a job (even though i dispise it) but its always hard to remeber that fact when your so missrible! haha anyyyywayyy πŸ˜‰
      i know about the jewlrey thing! i lovee all the things they sell on etsy its an amazing site!
      ive made you somthing πŸ™‚ i will be posting it soon, haha hope u dont think thats weird as im like a “randomer” on the net :p xxxx

  2. You have a lovely blog πŸ™‚ The last picture looks yummi πŸ˜€ ❀

  3. Thanks for your comment on my blog πŸ™‚ and yeah why not ? (with the painting) but will you show it to me before publishing ? kisses, Irena ❀

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