Life chapter changes…

September 18, 2010

I made a pact with myself this week…

to change diffrent parts of my life in order to make me happier

Things i mainly wanted to start to change were:

  • My job.
  • My career path
  • My going nowhere with rich
  • My social life

    Its now saturday morning and i wanted to shair with you what has happened this week πŸ™‚

  • I have been offered three job interviews
  • I started my english and maths evening courses (start counselling course the week after)
  • I havn’t spoken to Rich in a whole week..not sure why…kind of gave up on it (hes so shy bless him)
  • I have aranged loads of meet ups over the next few weeks, including going to my friends 21st tonight πŸ™‚I FEEL GOOD

    Lets back track a little bit though…..

    Tiger Lily, Bedford place in southampton!!Click here for a lookie!

    Chelsea, Mee and deanna

    Lilly and Sarah πŸ™‚

    Oh yess this is sweet and sour chicken and egg fried rice, i tried abit of lilly’s tai green curry and one of sarahs mini spring rolls, gotta live a ittle dont you think πŸ™‚

    It was a lovely place and my meal (the sweet and sour chicken and seperate egg fried rice) cost only 9 pounds! bargin, it was a realy nicely decorated place and i would defently go back,
    It had a chinese OR indian menu with an optional Buffet menu instead!

    after our meal we all went our seperate ways and i walked down to the “giddy bridge” to meet my best friend dan, walking in i bumped into RICH!Β Β it wasnt a big suprise as i had gotten a text from him earier going “look who im parked next to” and a pic of my car but stil didnt know he was there, i stayed for about 2 hours then as everyone was going on to clubs i went home as i had work at 9 the next morning

    Me and dannn πŸ˜€

    Im having a truly moldy month at work.
    I was wrote down to work saturday (even though its practicily my only day off…ever) and im reallu busy so i cant do it! and my boss went SKITZ.. she chucked a plate at my head and swore at me so bad, they didnt speak to me for the next 4 hours and it was DEAD at work
    horrid, i so wanted to walk out but i coulddnt, i need the money and i dont have any other choice untill someone else wants to employ me.. so far..no luck
    there was an UP though, a guy came in and we got chatting about photography and then we went out for a drink afterwards, it was really refreshing and saved me from awkward end of the day chat (just because they have too) conversations with my boss.
    i want to cry even typing this, i seriously cant do working there anymore πŸ˜₯

    I have this written on my leg so if im really upset at work i can just look at it to make me feel better…weird but it helps!(my legs are smooth i promice seing as i wear a skirt to work ahah)

    okokokok enough of the depressive work talk!! i swear im usually a massivily always smiling person but its just really gotten to me , even more so now the students have all gone back and im just there..with my boss..and her best freind…

    but all is not lost! as i got offered a job interview for next tuesday! wish me luck pleasee!!

    to chear me up mum and my sister took me out to dindins, this white meat thing has really given me tons of energy to be honest, i feel so much more fu for longer and feel im no thinking about food alot of the time, but i do find that the gluten is realy hurting my stomach bad at the moment, im going to cut down a little and see if its that or the soya spread that i already know hurts my tum tum oooh ibs i hate u! πŸ˜‰

    it was a chicken and mushroom with gravy pie… oh yes and i loved it πŸ™‚ i didnt have my wedges though as im not a fan of chips or wedges to be fair, i had some of my peas though, it was a really nice evening

  • Β 

    I made some pasties though! but as this post is draggging as it is i will leave it for my next one πŸ™‚ they were nice though and im going to post a “how too” on them πŸ™‚

    to finish off this blabber sesh i will show u some earings i made!!
    I had a seashell style bracelet and it was abit scratchy so i decided to turn some of the charms on it into earings, i love them πŸ™‚




    1. Loved to hear about your life changes πŸ™‚

      Your boss should not be allowed to treat you like that. It’s borderline assault and certainly illegal. It’s disgraceful how employers treat younger people who don’t have a choice but to work for them due to financial constraints…I’ve seen so many exploited by these cruel bosses and I really, really hope the interviews go well for you so that you can finally get a position where you’re treated with the respect you deserve.



    2. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Sorry about your bad day at work!

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