stewin’ n” paintin’

September 5, 2010

Im actually very happy with this, i know its not an exact replica but its my first ever portrait painting as i’m terrible at painting people, ive been trying to practice to better myself so im happy i took the plunge!

Ive had these packets of miso instant soup packets
in my cupboard for a long time, reason? i didnt think it on its own would fill me up so i havnt bothered with it! But looking in my draws the other day i had abit of a brain wave (maybe im abit slow?) but i thought STOCK CUBE REPLACMENT

Ive tried it two diffrent ways now, one empting it into the saucepan of cooking rice to bubble away and the second adding it into a pan with diffrent vegetables cooking away abit like a paella type thing?
I love it! the flavor and little chewy bits of tofu is great šŸ™‚ not sure why i didnt think of it before!

nop that was not veggie fingers, salmon fish fingers to be clear. and they were bl**dy tasty!

so ive been back from holiday now for a week or so…
Dont you find post holiday hair anoying? mine hasn’t been the same since i got back from Rome,
I went to boots and bought a few Aussie hair product (click here) conditioner packets and a leave in conditioner spray, i find this brand amazing it has done wonders for my hair in the past, have you used it?

Stewed apples? somthing your gran eats? apple pie middle?

I lovee it! i made my own from some cooking apples my mums boyfriend collected from the tree,

I did want to make a apple pie or crumble but i got distracted.. i just boiled the cored/skinned chopped apple bits with some cloves and then removed the cloves and YUM!

I tried them diffret ways.. one with oatibix/ rice milk and banana- no joke it tasted JUST like apple pie for breckie!

It spread really nicely on toast aswell just like that apple sauce thing everyone talks about (on here…not in real life)

Basically thumbs up!

Righty-oo so im of to get ready as me and the work girlies are off out tonight for dinner šŸ™‚ il report back on the evening
bubaaaii xox

teehee kim going to help mum in some dodgy working outside trousers and rich’s band t-shirt, its cool dont u think šŸ™‚


One comment

  1. Not very good at drawing people…are you kidding me!?! You rock at drawing portraits. If it wasn’t so vain I’d love to see how you’d draw me šŸ˜‰ Your style is just so free and expressive yet also technically accurate…eee, I love your work so much it’s hard to convey in words.

    That’s SUCH a good idea with the miso soup packets as stock cube replacements. I’m going to have to try that one myself. And your applesauce/oatibix brekkie looks just lovely…microwaved I bet it would be a brill breakfast to have in the winter months. Snuggly tummy hugs would be how I’d describe the taste and texture from how delicious it looks.

    Kim manages to look gorgeous even in old work trousers and a band t-shirt!

    Thanks a million for the support…I’m not sure if I’m lactose intolerant as I’ve never been tested for it. Eating dairy almost always co-incides with binges and/or eating wheat so I have no idea whether it even aggravates my IBS or not. I have been drawing to try to take my mind off things…working on an entry for a graphic novel competition!

    Hope you’re doing well and keep painting those brilliant portraits! I wouldn’t be surprised if word gets out and you receive lots of commissions for those.



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