And sheees back from roma

August 28, 2010

It was soo hot in rome, we decided to get the national express coach up to london as it was alot cheaper!! my mum picked us up on the way home 🙂

I’m not going to go into tons of detail like i would want to, im just going to post pictures!

cheeseless pizza

red fish and prawns with noodles

gnocchi and basil

we visited loads of the main sights and i made a scrap book to show all the things we did , including collecting post cards/ leaflets e.c.t i love doing things like this as when im older i can look back and think 😀 ahh cool!

Ali…omg nightmare he was a right ****

seriously. he tried it on and it was awkward, now hes deleted me of facebook, deleted all his pictures of us and me from all his albums and deleted my family and friends off too.. i think its a shame as i truely beleived he was a decent freind you know? and at nearly 24 you would think he could take a sexual regection on the chin yea? ..aparently not

clearly he was only friends with me for one reason and as he couldnt get it.. bye bye peony?… what a w**k*r!!!

the sights were beautiful though 🙂 shame he ruined my holiday! next time going away with a girl!!!!


Yes… i went to see my psychic again about my job, i know people dont always beleive in them but shes told me too much over the years for me not to beleive, there are defently things she never would have known otherwise!

she told me that i have a job change coming up WITHIN A MONTH woooop! she said it wil be alot more relaxed atmosphere and that my current one is making me very depressed as there is a major clicky atmosphere there, (defently)

she also mentioned “you are starting some courses in september and you will do fantasticaly well in them as you have the determination now and the self beelive that was wavering before!” … and its true i am doing evening courses in september 🙂

My maths and english courses have been payed for for months but All ive got to do now is raise £405 pounds to do a counselling course (young children and teenagers) which starts in january that has caught my eye.

“heirloom lion” acrylic 🙂 messsy style painted in like 4 hours i guess

maybe selling this canvas i JUST painted will help?

My newest one 🙂 i sent a picture of it to rich and he was like “is that my babee amy!!” i was well happy cos he recognised who it was 🙂
Im now off to sleep as i have a wicked cold and i have to work 7 till 7pm bank holiday sunday and monday

religious people? pretty please pray ill get another job really soon 😦 xxxx


One comment

  1. What a w**k*r indeed! Boys (well, technically men so that makes it even more pathetic of him) can be such vile people sometimes. And I never really feel comfortable around them because, as you say, their brains tend to focus on one thing. I tend to get treated like some kind of hermaphrodite by them anyway though…as if they’re not sure what to do with me in terms of manner and whether to talk to me like a girl or a guy.

    At least you and the scenery in Rome look beautiful 🙂 And that gnocci is something I’d love to try. Not sure if there’s a gluten-free version though…I’ll just live vicariously through the deliciousness of your picture.

    Although I’m not a ‘believer’ when it comes to psychics, nor am I religious, I will send positive vibes for you on the job front. I hope your canvas does sell, because it’s too brilliant not to.

    Glad to see you back 🙂


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