Holiday exercise?

August 9, 2010

hello rich’s band in KERRANG!

I’m very proud of him 🙂 but ok before this turns into a stalker blog for rich i will move on.


I’m not going to lie im not looking forward to it, mainly because of my ibs, its so bad at the moment and im going awat with a guy who dosnt reall understand what it slike to have it, i know im going to be in alot of pain as i was last year on holiday with ollie and that was only half time time im going this time!! wish me luck yea :/

Its going to be so beautiful for photographs and im going to have to see how the veggie options really are like out there!

I noticed how most of my favorite blogs are on breaks at the moment and this makes me kinda sad 😦 hope you all come back soon! i was on a mini break myself but decided to blog more frequently now 🙂 maybe not so much about food! i just dont have the time to photograph it anymore but i will be on holiday! gotta loveee the local foods on offer!

I got a 4GB and a new battery for my canon 400d , i already have 1GB and a 2GB memory cards but just wanted to be safe! i got them both for around 10 pounds on amazon.co.uk ….and some post cards my friend send me from his grandads on holiday..lucky boy

Job hunting wise its not going brilliant, yes ive started back up again but im crying so bad working were i am and i cant bear to be there any more, its alright when my girls are in i.e. (above people) but there all going back to uni soon and i will be left with my boss and another women who both make me feel si shit about myself and always down talking me that il liturly go for anything else going now. its gotten that bad, would love to get a sign around now just to give me a little hope 🙂

I’m hoping to go into anything pharmacy related, its a step closer to being a medic in the navy right?!?

anyway!!! its half 5am and i need to eat my fruit and fibre and a big mug of coffee and rice milk to fuel me up for my 7am coach..to heathrow airport to romee!!

i printed out a pilates sheet to take with me which i got from this site ohh and the place we are staying in rome.

Im not going to lie i worry about not working out for practicaly a week, i realise i will be doing alot of walking but in my head its not quite the same? i guess its because im used to gyming it nearly every day/running/cycling, not because im worried about getting fat but because ive built up quite abit of muscle.. i guess it wont dissapear while im away!

what do u feel about going away and no exercise? do u try and get in a cheeky work out or are u thinking “free time”?

would be great to hear your side 🙂

see you in a few days with some holiday pictures!!! xxx



  1. hey thanks for the comment, where do u live? xx

  2. generally most holidays I go on are pretty active – often end up skiing, playing tennis, cycling etc, and generally try and take my running shoes but hey, if I don’t manage to get as much as I’d like then it doesn’t bother me, I’m on holiday to enjoy myself 😀 however I often seem to end up doing sit ups on the floor alot and my family think I’m weird… can’t quite stop completely! but I know exactly what you mean about being used to the gym etc. but you’ll be fine with the sheer amount of walking as you said – walking is the best way to discover new cities anyway, have fun! x

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