spot of inking before ROME

August 1, 2010

4 hours of watching this…..it was fun actually i love watching tattoos being done! its inspired me to finish my next one now!!
He was finishing of one of his sleaves by merging it into one, i’ll post a few pictures to give u a feel of what its like!
he went to some amazing artist in L.A just to get his safari animals done….and his bands guna be in kerrang! onthe 4th aug 😀 il post it up!

Not finished yet though 🙂
buzz from toystory

micheal jackson

His chest piece…
He a koi/octopus/hibiscus/waves on the other arm but i dont have a picture of this! and the “explorer badge” from disney pixar UP on the other arm (hes obsessed with UP) errrm a kidney bean with a face going “owah” which is a joke among friends, errrrrm his best mates initials and i cant remeber what else he has aha!!
im booking in mine soon 😀 anyway enough about rich…


Alisdair and I are off from the 9-13 as i didnt want to go away for too long.. i get from saturday the 7th off and go back to work on the 16th its the only holiday ive had off since august last year.. everyone gets 2 weeks but im not alowd as its august and the busiest time at work *sigh* im going to try get another week of in november to go home to ireland or somthing!

romes going to be amazing though! i’m sure there will be alott of pictres ready for posting!

stone hendge next week aswell 🙂

has anyone been there? its soo close to my house its crazy we havnt been!

mmm vegan crandberry and brown sugaaaa rock cakes 🙂

We go to the new forest show every year, used to show our animals or take part in the horse riding classes but this year we didnt and i found it well..boring? just wasnt that much there! pretty dissapointed really :/

anyone else off on holiday? xx


One comment

  1. I freaking LOVE that Michael Jackson tattoo!!!!

    Have a excellent time in Rome. I can’t wait for pics.

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