the fat emperor

June 13, 2010

Navy exam results.

yea so i failed…it was so hard, well the questions were not but the short time limit, i spent too long on some maths questions so didnt finish them all, i PASSED EVERYTHING ELSE, it was just the maths! seriously gutted, i cried, my mum cried e.c.t

but u know what? its ok. its ok because im not giving up, i submitted my application for evening courses for my maths and english hopfully this will get me up to date with maths and then next june when im aloud to retake my exam i will fly through! 😀

I know i will join the forces and i will still be doing medical just slightly diffrent, hopfully this process will go better .

what do i do when im stressed? i paint.

its called “the fat emperor” painted it in the afternoon when i got bored..i always spent only a couple hours on a painting haha


Jessica is amazing dont u think?? she has seriously helped me so much over the last couple months and im very happy she is around 🙂 we both decided to do a canvas swap (awesome right!) and i sent off hers a couple days ago, only took 2 days which i thought was really quick

For jess’s request i did a black cat 🙂 i found it quite difficult because im used to painting on massive canvas’s and this canvas was 5″ x7″ inch so pretty small but its cool to try new things, i hope she liked it as much as i enjoyed doing it for her xx

I actually squealed with happiness when her box turned up!

noone has ever sent me or painted a picture for me before, never mind 3!!

i love all the time and effort that went into these fantasdtic pictures!!

i put them up in my works bedroom striahgt away and showed everyone at work them, and at home!,

thankyou again jess you are truly an inspiration 🙂

hahaha omg look at the state of my best friends room! i dont know how he ever brings over lady friends here…eww

We headed to the pub the other night 🙂 night before the england vs united states game, anyone watch?

it was a great laugh as always, dans having girl problems at the moment (as in the girl hes seing is like “i loveee you” after like one kiss..hes freaked out haha)


….ewwwwww, do other people do this?!! i think its gross

oo have u tried these new trainers? aparently they work wonders..(there his mums not his..apparently ;] )

my girl deanna 🙂

should have gotten a group pic of everyone but i forgotttt

..dont ask

anyone want me to send them this recovery shake? i got it as a free sample but its got dairy in, good stats, wish i could!
whats your views on shakes? or do u prefer REAL FOOD?

ooo oo i have a second date this week :)…hopfully finally getting over jason..getting there..wish me luck

….i need to make some decent meals..or maybe upload my other camra photos..or maybe just take pics of it!
off to work i go!


One comment

  1. Ahh! I’m so pleased you liked them and seeing them on your wall makes my chest puff out like a puffer fish with pride. Okay, that sounded weird…never mind, I am weird. I really liked seeing the sketch of your kitty picture too 😀

    Yet again that fish is amazing ~ I really struggle with marine life in general, and I’m still trying to get the hang of dolphins in particular. Also, I can never get water to look translucent enough.

    Eek…your friend’s room is indeed exceptionally messy. Almost makes me feel a little better about the state of my study 😛

    I’ve said this before but you WILL achieve your goal of being in the forces, I know it. It makes me a little peeved about that test because I know darn well that you’re more than bright enough for the post. But I love your attitude and determination and with those classes, there’s no doubt that you’ll pass next time.



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