Pony/Burgers..but not together!

May 27, 2010

sorry i havnt been here! ive been outside (thats a lie, ive been working inside) having fun being anoyed at work as some people arnt pulling their way in a beautiful weekend, and eating alot of FIG ROLLS AND KIMBERLY BISCUITS …my sister was named after the popular irish biscuits btw..seing as were irish haha

atleast i got to spend time with the people that matter!

thonggg alert there dee 😉

My work girlies! and best girlfriend deanna on ze right

Thats a PEONY PLANT behind me…just so u know 😉

this is the first canvas or painting i have done since Jason…to be honest its still effects me (never did hear back from him!)

and when im down i just dont want to draw u know? i only ever draw when i have romantic situations and so now i actually want to paint again!

makes me VERY HAPPY

i paint in a weird way, just adding bits to it randomly.

Metal weighted handle skipping rope!!
my new order from amazon 😉 will try it out

Some times my lunches look like subways :p…the good thing (?) about working in a bakery is the free baghettes u get to take home

..mmm vegan mayo and pickles ♥

Like i was saying about summer though, its nice to try new cool things, and in budgens after work (its like a supermarket chain) i picked up this

I have honestly never tried couscous before, mainly because ive been gluten free for years so i thought id buy it!

I added it on my baby plate (bought from the disney shop ;D) with a vegan chik’n burger and salad (ketchup AND vegan mayo) as for a dinner i knew that alone would not fill me up

while poking around in tescos i descovered this little gem, its a spicy bean burger, such a deep flavor to them 🙂 i had it with potatoes and a few baked beans AND green beans 🙂

See a burger type thaaang going on here? haha BBQ season is on the brain!!

Corn pasta (gluten free)

Haha look at my sister peering in through the window!
This time of year all i want are salads, new potatoes and bread!!

totally picnic table weather 🙂

We spent some of saturday just lazing around with the ponies and horses so i took a couple pictures

Banner, my mums riding horse, he was born to two new forest ponies, yet he is far too big to be a pony,must be a throw back in generations 🙂

this is sunny (thats her stable name) we have had her since she was born, her mother died  so my mum fed her from a bucket, shes the same age as me to the week!! shes my riding pony 🙂

i didnt get pictures of our other horses though :S woops

aswell as some fake running pictures with the sis…just because u kno?

On friday next week i have my psychometric testing for the navy, im really struggling with the maths side of things, i pretty much think im going to fail, if i fail its a year before i can re try, i really cant bare being in the bakery for another year, i need to move on with my life, if i fail…wait !! ok lets be possitive here, get off wordpress peony and get revising, its your life and you need to go into that exam thinking..hey u know what…


how do YOU revise for exams?


Johann Wolfgang von Goethe



  1. i looooove couscous!! xx

  2. Love the quote! If there’s anyone who knew about the process of creation it’s Goethe…I’ve been analysing his version of the Faust legend as part of my thesis. While Faust in itself is brilliant, the masses of critical waffle…I mean material relating to it are not.

    I revise in little spurts…my attention span and hyperactivity mean that concentrating on a topic for more than half an hour is totally futile: the information just stops going in. So I make charts and squirrel post-its with little snippets of revision material around the house so that I can revise by proxy if I happen to walk by one of them or find one by ‘accident’. But I’m very strange and I’m not sure my strategy would work for anyone else!

    Mmm, love your baguette lunch. They certainly do look good!

    It was lovely to see your painting coming together in stages ~ I know what you mean about not being able to draw when you’re down (angry art is one thing, but when you’re truly in despair all creativity seems to just dry up and you can’t express anything fully…people think it’s possible to paint about being depressed but when you’re truly depressed even the thought of painting just doesn’t compute) and I’m so happy that you’ve regained your motivation to produce more beautiful art.

    *huggles* and think positively! I’m useless at maths (far worse than you I’m sure) so I can’t help there but I am wishing you all the luck in the world with your exam.


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