MY BIRTHDAY..and other tales

May 2, 2010

haha me mucking around randomly to a song….whilst baking my BIRTHDAY CAKEEE!!!

I am now officially 19!!!



We decided to go for the “how it all vegan” Vanilla cake as my birthday cake!

I always used to have the original jam sponge with rolled icing and i thought u kno what? i SHOULD have a real birthday cake, not some extra healthy alternative, so lets do it!

…and ooooh we did….

with the help of my sister ofcourse!!…whos eating a bag of prawn crackers haha

having fun with writing icing!

Just out of the oven!

I decorated it with pre rolled white icing and hand made marzipan bees by using a cocktail stick drawing melted choloate lines across the body and eyes and almonds for wings!

I spent my birthday at my “new job” its this company that ships and buys plant heavy equipment like diggers e.c.t, I would have to go to like america/ china e.c.t to bid on things for the company, edit photos, source my own equipment e.c.t

The man that wants me to work for him is super nice and friendly and so is this other guy but the irish man i have to spend 80% of the time with was unbarable, he isnt used to office enviroment and i felt uncomftable around him, his last employed girl for this irish man was blonde tall blue eyes…sound familair? her picture was on the front of the site with “call me now on the number below” i feel maybe im being used?

I decided that i dont particaly want this job, if it was purly for the other bloke i would do it because its amazing oportunity but as they have now moved into a diffrent building its just going to be me and irish bloke ….fun!

Im going to stay in the bakery now untill i get into the navy (hope i get in!) its pretty easy in there and might be alot more fun than the irish bloke… not jokin ruined my birthday! i was sat in there toilet thinking.. pull yourself together you can leave in 2 hours!

my mum thinks its dodgy there..its two rival companies joining (on a trial for 6 months) and they both dont really get on too well….its an hour away and im only being payed 50p more for the time being than my other job which is 10 mins away from my house…still starting at 8 am so will have to be up at like 5am!! also i have to invoice my hours which meens il be kinda self employed…yea ORR NOT!! HAHA

sorry just needed to get it out:)

For dinner that night my mum, sister and I went to Il Palio 2 in Brockenhurst, I ordered a no cheese pizza with artickokes,mushrooms and capers! it was a traditional italian resturant which made the pizzas in front of you,,, it was MASSIVE but the base was as thin as a sheet of card!
i totally ate it all, i didnt have desert starter or a drink though, im not much of an eater-outer and eather is my sister 🙂 so im proud of us ahah

A couple nights before (the night i made the cake) I finally tried the tempeh i bought in brighton!

hahahah check out the eyesss!!!

i one half in half again and baked it.
I ate it plain….didnt like it much though so added a ton of ketchup…as you do! it was nice in balsamic vinigar (which the other veg are cooked in!)

totally had my first coffee with soy milk and sweetener in like 3 years!! omg was soo good…

Ok i was very sick that evenig..i could have been that or the 2 pittas i had just put away and massive slice of cake then a large drink…. then jacket with tinned spaghetti and salad…haha all in the space of like 4 hours?

i wasnt too sick to go to the beaulieu CIDER FESTIVAL!!
i drove because im a good daughter 😉 my mum, her boyfriend, sister and a few friends came along in meee carrrr not fun being chatted up by some weirddooos though …acftually yea it is! i had a diet coke because i was driving….2 lots of caffeen in one day …..i actually fell right to sleep heheh

now…im kackered, working 8am till 6pm bank holiday weekend after a late night is hard 🙂 oh well the joys of being 19 !




  1. HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY!! Last year of being a teen, I hope you enjoy it!! Your cake looks DELICIOUS also 🙂

  2. Hey Peony 😀

    I love your comments and they really brighten my day! I value your opinion so much, so don’t ever feel the need to aplogise for giving advice. I eat my cereal in a similar way to you ~ I always eat the banana slices off the top then slurp away most of the milk and finally devour the cereal mush that’s left.

    EEE! I can’t believe you think enough of my art to talk about it. Lordy, I’m blushing so much now and it means the world to me, it truly does. If it wasn’t for the support of you and Sarah (My Multicoloured Life) I never, ever would have had the confidence to apply for an Art Foundation and would have gone the rest of my life believing that I, well…sucked at art. Even if I can’t scrape together the money for it, the self-belief that I gained from being so well received at the interview is priceless so I can’t thank you enough.

    No need to apologise for not commenting either ~ you’ve got so much to deal with and of course I don’t expect you to be reading blogs when things are difficult. That Irish guy sounds like a right creep and I agree that I think you’re probably better off at the bakery…if the money’s not that different then it’s far more important that you’re comfortable and not being stressed / harassed by some idiot who should know better.

    I love your photos and your cake looks divine ~ of course you deserve cake on your birthday! Heck, you deserve cake regardless.

    I’d love to ‘speak’ via text 🙂 Promise I wouldn’t be so much of a moaning Minnie as I am on the blog 😉 Are you on Facebook too? I could message you there instead of posting my number publically lol 😛

    Have a wonderful bank holiday…hopefully you’re relaxing and not working! (not sure if the 8-6 hours were for today…if they are, I hope they’re paying you extra!)



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