birthdays and cereal

April 22, 2010

…ali come back to england? …. 😦
okok he was messing around acting abit chavvish as some kids drove past in there car with all the skirting and body kit sh*t on thinking there “all that” thats ali’s version πŸ˜‰ he lovess the fact they “eye up” his car…it is a niceee car tho πŸ˜€

he bought my mum some flowers before he left to say thankyou for idk letting him into “our lives” πŸ™‚ arnt they beautiful

Its my mums birthday on the 3rd May (MY BIRTHDAYS ON THE 29TH!!!1 ;)..just so you know haha)

i used that as a reason to head to southampton shopping πŸ™‚

I still had some money left over from Brighton which worked out perfectly

I wont actually see her on her birthday though as my sister, mum and mums boyfriend are in Scotland…im not jealous at all or anything….*cough*

So i designed her a “postcard” birthday card;

aha u now know my home address πŸ˜‰ just incase u want to send me a card…yes?…no? …oh… finee then ;D

we just replaced or toaster thankfully… i cannot be trusted to grill toast under the grill… it was Blackk with smoke (the house) hehe

Me and my youngest sissy kim took a few photos in the garden πŸ™‚ so lovely in england at the moment


I cannot realy be trusted to portion cereal, I can and i HAVE eaten over a box and a half of cereal just in snacks in a day before…therefore i now buy the pre packaged ones.. i will find were they stock healthy ones but up till then its these babies, i usualy have somthing like a packet of shreddies and a fun one like cookie crisp or golden nuggets, i have these with rice milk nutmeg and some sort of fruit be it grapes, 2 kiwis, orange e.c.t, 3 hours later im chewing my arm off but i dont care, il eat 3 slices of wholemeal toast with(alot of these) marmite, ginger jam and w.e else

hen at 2 pm il have a no spread wholemeal wrap with salad in and pear and apple spread if ive got any,

4 30pm il have a banana with a marmite bar or a smoothie orr a big nakd bar
dinners at 6

Thats a good day, a day were i wont eat AN ENTIRE LOAF OF BREAD AS SNACKS

It has been done and i do it alot, but ah well im a growing girl and i want food.

Duno why ive typed that i guess i just wanted too?
Do you struggle with portion control?

even if i portion the cereal in mini bags i go back for more so buying it pre done is the best way πŸ™‚ im a cereal girl! everyone comments on how i practicialy live on it!

anyway ima stop blabbering now as im going to kill you all off!


One comment

  1. I think we both already know about my portion control issues with cereal (and…err, everything else!) Half a box in one sitting? Oh yeah. I totally agree with you about the multipack cereals ~ I’ve often had the same discussion with my Mum so many times. Why do they think only kids want variety packs, and always of unhealthy choices? If anything, health conscious people would be MORE likely to want things to come pre-portioned…look at the success of 100 calorie choc bars etc…these marketing people are missing a trick here. I wish they did vegan and more gluten-free cereals in the packs too…I get so bored with only having limited choices of huge boxes (even though a huge box doesn’t last long around me)

    This might sound hypocritical, but I don’t think you eat too much at all. If you’re hungry, that’s all that matters: I only take issue with my own habits because I eat WAY past the point of being full.

    I’m going to be full on creepy now and ask if stunning eyes run in your family, because both you and your sister have them.

    That’s such a sweet idea for a birthday card ~ I’m sure it will be very gratefully received πŸ™‚

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend


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