April 18, 2010


okok so somthing you didnt know about me is my love for brighton…
I talk about brighton.. ALL THE TIME

but i seem to never have got to the end of the peir before? i prefer “the lanes ” 😀

Its a VEGAN DREAM soo many unsual shops and vegan cafes…

and as it was alisdairs last day in england before he goes back to being a corporal in the army in germany we would make the absolute most of our day…
Im going to feel well lost without him around…i wont be able to just pick up the phone or go for a walk or somthing…actually u know what im just not going to think about it…

brighton it is then!….

We got the train at 10:33 and got in around 12? ofcourse we headed to the NORTH LANES and sure enough we found Infinity foods, and the infinity foods cafe

we both ordered the vegan BLT with potato wedges and salad

Totaly should be a food blogger Ali!


Theres a shop called snoopers paradise which is like a masssive secound hand shop and i practicaly just get my jewlrey from this shop, ali snapped me in action!

Ali got well excited with me in this shop, he was like omggggg £1.99 for a bag of banana chips.. buying! or wow ive never seen this before omg we have to buy this, omg look at all this vegan food, lets try some of this blah blah.. it was lush 😀

I wanted to re create the sandwich so got some of that vegan bacon 🙂 and some tempeh which ive never found before! and a few bars and stuff.. cool shops ayee (infinity foods shop)

Theres soo many pics i didnt post but i couldnt be bothered to upload all the pics…

just to let you kno when he left he gave my mum some flowers, boiught me a necklace and went, leaving 8am sunday morning ( in like 20 mins…) i had a few tears after he left but im not into him that way so i was like mum why am i feelin like this and she was like you need to get him back here before he leaves on the ferry, i txt him 2 mins later he came to the door and kissed me… okok hes totaly not my type u kno but it felt right… kim my sister was like omggss its like out of a film… its not going to materilise into anything (im stillsoo trying to get over jason) and i just want us to be friends but it was a nice end to the trip… in a weird kinda way…dont be judging me! hahah
he knows that too though hes still gettin over his german ex of 6 years!!
im going to say it was a friend kiss?

ERM anyway… a few days before that like thursday we went to marwell zoo!

Hello marwell zoo, do you mind if me and Alisdair take a strole in your grounds? .. no? … AWESOMEEEE

a really cool section of the park 🙂 you can see them swim past you!

ok ive blabbered on enough today ima go now and get ready for… sigh… work :/

on the plus side the fit postman just saw me in my undies… oioi lol

hope your weekends awesome!



  1. I can definitely see why you like Brighton so much ~ it looks like a vegan paradise with some lovely, quirky shops. I’d love it there too 🙂

    I don’t think you’re weird at all: I think it’s probably common for feelings for such a close friend to intensify when you’re worried/anxious about them prior to an extended period apart. Friendships can get complicated but I don’t think one little kiss is going to make things overly uncomfortable or strange 😉 I think your relationship is so sweet and your description of the kiss did sound like a Hollywood film, only far less sickly and nauseating (hehe, can you tell that I LOATHE romantic comedies?)

    No shame ~ I wander around the house in my undies far too much and forget that the curtains are wide open…lord knows who’s ended up with an eyeful of me (and I feel truly sorry for them!)

    Have a lovely Sunday


  2. Glad you love Brighton – I live there and really love it too! Infinity foods is a great shop, I always end up buying way too much in there though!

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