Darling, it burns..

April 14, 2010

Ive got it!!…no…not some sexual infection…but the CYCLING BUG!…

and corrr dont my thighs HALF BURN NOW!


haha dont they look tired!

Kim, my mum and ofcourse me decided it was BIKING WEATHER!!

We set off along the forest front, crossed a few roads and stoped off at my grandparents for a quick drink πŸ™‚

Grandad (lawrence)

Nanny (mary)

…Poodle….(sophie) she was my great aunties dog to start with….

I munched on a MASSIVE pear and water and after cycling back a MASSIVE hot chocolate with rice milk…was soo good πŸ˜‰

Because Alisdair is going back to germany soon (tear*) we are making the most of all his spair time with doing tons! i think iv seen him not once but maybe twice a day for a while now! i think its nice when u get on with people that well πŸ™‚

we took his two dogs for a walk on the forest, its not as warm anymore, please tell me its not the whole of summer gone already? aha

there was soo many deer in the forest i was anoyed i didnt have my cannon on me but luckily ali did !


OKOK i know theres no food in this post.. but u know what?
my lifes not all about food

and hell…..am i going to enjoy it πŸ™‚



  1. Oh wow what beautiful weather. It almost seems like a different country. Here in London…it was just dull and cycling didn’t seem half as much fun having to put on my gloves at this time of year!

    Heh…the pain soon becomes normal…though a few potholes and road ramps will sometimes leave you feeling pain in places you never knew pain could exist in…other than childbirth!
    (AH the joys of cycling…).


  2. I’ve developed a new love of cycling too – I just wish I had somewhere as beautiful as the New Forest to do it!

  3. Love this post ~ I really hope I can get to the point one day where I can truly declare that there’s more to my life than food.

    Cycling is indeed a killer ~ I find it MUCH harder than running and to maintain even a measly 10mph pace. Plus, the quality of the road surface where I live is a killer on the old butt cheeks. I actually cycle standing up most of the time πŸ˜‰ Looks like gorgeous weather too….I always find that you really ‘feel’ the conditions outside more when cylcing, particularly if it’s windy.

    Your comment made me blush so much! You don’t blabber at me at all and I always feel happy when I see your name pop up in my comments box…that said, never feel that you have to apologize for not responding when you’re getting out and living life!

    I totally emphathise with the feeling of dreading meeting up: even with people that I like I’m reticent and could easily live as a hermit. I think it’s the social pressure of meeting face-to-face and the huge level of anxiety I feel about saying/doing something stupid. And the possibility of awkward silences! They terrify me.

    I NEED to go to that health food store of yours. 40p! I’m paying Β£1.29 per bar!!!

    Take care


  4. I love all your pictures!! I haven’t commented on here in a while but I always read and I love your blog πŸ™‚

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