Tea Pigs lovee the sun

April 8, 2010

HOW beautiful was it today!!

First day this year ive been outside without a coat… AND A JUMPER

To make the most of it me and my friend alisdair decided to have a 2 hour walk around hatchet pond in the new forest 🙂

on a diffrent note…

oh yess im one of THEM sisters that when your doing morning pilates you get a blackberry pin messege from your little sister saying;

hey you know your the best sister ever well could you make me a toasted peanut butter sandwich and maybe some coffee? love you xxx”

and to her suprise i actually did! she was all smiley…obviously i had to take a pic ….not of her…that would be weird… i meeen….shes in bed…..ahah

Me and my mum enjoyed abit of us time whilst feeding the ponies, my mum measured the forest we pass to get there so i know the running distance for my navy training so i ran it with my doggy to get a feel..well some of it..I got tired ..izzy…got tired 😉

NOTE HOW A COUPLE DAYS AGO I WAS IN A THICK COAT AND SCARF!! british weather is sooo mixed up atm

haha awkward leg pose going on thereee

Look how cute this mug is?!? its of a puffin! it was at fairweathers garden centre in beaulieu we were at.

They have a cafe called the “Hungry gardener cafe me and my mum had tea, their “speciality” teas are called TEA PIGS yum new flavors!
i added it to my birthday list 😀

look at the amazing easter stuff i got!

My mum always gets me like a dvd or somthing but this year she got me this cuteeeey plate!

My little sister got me the ginger chocolate…she knows me too well! its soo nice maybe the nicest choc ive tried?

and my nan and grandad got me the everything free choc bar, funny because i was moaning to my mum how they probs would have forgoten and got me a dairy choc egg…hehe ooopss

OMGZZ totally found these in tescos! madness.. since i couldnt find them anywere!

I tried the cashew one (as i lovee cashews..and macadamia (spelling?) nuts alottt) it actually killed my ibs daamnn, it had been really good all day 😦

but i hold out strong hope for the cocoa one!

Unfortuntly i would take some time off work with my feeling sick all the time and passing out but i realy cant afford not to work as i bought a new car in jan and the payments every month are like crinnnngee worthy so working it will be!

Its a tad anoying having to work with ibs though, does anyone else find that? its fine till the pain starts and u kno your in for the long ride with it till its over, think its starting to bug my boss abit though!…going to try that bascopan ibs relef tablets soon! fingers crossed

VEGAN Cranberry soda bread

Im sorry i changed around a recipe i found online, i really cant remeber were i found it but just to let u kno its not origionaly mine!!


•3 & 1/4 C Wholemeal Flour
•1/2 C All Purpose Flour
•1C Unsweetened light Cranberry Juice
•1C Soymilk
•1 tsp Baking Powder
•1/2 tsp Salt
•1/2 C Dried Cranberries
•1 TBSP apricot/raisin/saltana mix
•2TBSP white Sugar

Check out the cranberry juice and soy milk curdlingggg

i Mixed the cranberry juice with the soy milk and watched the curdling take place! soy milk also curdles with kiwis if yaaa didnt know!

while this was happening i mixed the rest of the ingredients and then added the mixture, i actually had to add more flour because it was too sticky, im not sure if this was normal for soda bread? but i added more just to be safe and so that i could roll it in a ball.

I baked it for 35 mins and then left it on the side to cool 🙂

ok so i may have demolished 3/4 of a loaf in one day… as SNACKS….im a growing girl.. sue me?

hope you enjoyed your day in the sun too 🙂


One comment

  1. Those are definitely the best two flavours of gluten-free Nakd bar. Still can’t find them up North though…we’re so backward. Perhaps the cashew one disagreed with your IBS because it’s pretty dense in terms of fat? I loved it but found it quite greasy and it did a number on my stomach too ~ thankfully the chocolate one was a lot more digestible (and yummier! I mean, come on, it’s chocolate! Tastes just like a Terry’s choc orange).

    I hope I didn’t come across as nagging you about the job ~ I was just worried! Your boss really should be more tolerant of your health problems though…makes me want to come down there and sort him (her?) out *angry face.*

    I adore that Kinnerton’s chocolate…unfortunately can’t have it in the house or I eat the whole bar at once 😛

    You are indeed the best sister ever and I wish I had someone to make my a PB sandwich in bed every morning!

    Looking beautiful in your pics as always.



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