video post and a hug?

April 1, 2010


NOTE**** if people after watching my video view the rest of my albums my photobucket album is free for all views i noticed, i dont mind u looking but i will warn u that there are images from when i was in hospital on there, and before it when i was healthy as well, to be honest i dont think theres anything OFFENSIVE on there? but thought id say anyway..havnt looked on there in a yearrr or so wow

To be honest….im doubled up in pain laying in bed crying from it all at 8pm …with a horrible DAIRY tack taste at the back of my mouth, yea at the time it was yummy…now? not so much…..defently still alergic!

So uh..i guess im single ? he hasnt replied to me, hes had many occasions too…

Its just hard you know to get your head around somthing when everything EVERYTHING was normal the day before the ignoring started, like “cant wait to see you gorgeous, were go running and take some pics e.c.t…” then…nothing, you think he would let me know? but noop
So yeahh….Fab mood im in at the moment :/ i’m just trying to be possitive and keep myself busy, i think i would find it easier to “get over it” if i thought there was an issue thats made it over? because from all i know we were both really into each other still…just totally out of character for him, ahwell sorry just thought id update you….
i had alot of tests today including a blood test after my royal navy meeting (eeee :D) the reason being is i keep passing out…NATURLY being sick as soon as ive eaten and through out the day, my tummy is behaving very badly and im loosing weight, im STILL HEALTHY but i have 0 energy and i need to know whats wrong…im not guna even consider being pregnent as an option….that would be um…greatttt seing as the guy has p*ssed off somewere……


potato head?
Check out that spud!!! its maaaaasssivee…

didnt quite use that one for my jacket potato 😉

I love ginger..there…there i said it, ginger anything
ginger stirfries, ginger pies, ginger jam, ginger cake..

Ive actually got my eye on a ginger dark choc bar that i want for easter 😉 no point getting me an egg..too tempting..

orange and ginger balss! will give u the recipe!!!!
…yes..yes i know this is baby food..

But there so tasty! there really healthy as well (as designed for babies) and alot are dairy free which is good for me!

the gingerbread men make a perfect team playaaaa for my hotti totti hot chocolate

I have yet to try these beautiess..but i shall let u know that i am IN LOVEE ♥ with marmite ..mmmm


You know that pizza base i bought a couple weeks back? well i froze the other one and finally pulled it out last night (my mum is hasseling me still to empty the freezer) (these actually made me really ill the bases so i WONT be re buying) but they tasted nice? anyway i made a sort of tofu ricotta ontop, it was mashed tofu with mustard and tomo ketchup, sounds weird but was yummy, the base was covered in tomato puree, herbs, mushrooms, carrot slices, green beans, asparagus heads and topped with a SOYA CHEEZEE SLICE …mmmm 🙂


I just read a study that says babies that are fed porridge (oatmeal) soon after weaning are less likely to get asthma later!
they studied 1,300 children over 4 years to see which foods made the risk of asthma higher, the babies that ate porridge were 64% less likely to get it, see oats are good in many ways!


my grandmother used to make me mustard sandwiches….is that weird? i loveee ’emmm
what sandwiches do u LOVEEE?

im working 8am till 7pm tomorrow.. BANK HOLIDAY… oh i realy hope i dont pass out at work again….

enjoy your day off! xxxxx

p/s im really sorry this wasnt a very possitive post but u know.. i am human and theres no point me lying about being happy and well when im really not, still love me? 😉



  1. I loved you in that video ~ you have such a beautiful voice. You seem a little timid and unsure of yourself though, which I didn’t expect as you come across as so confident on the blog. You’re an amazing person ~ there’s no need to be shy 😀

    Wow, that’s a long shift! I hope you’re okay and make it through the day, but are you sure you should be working until your issues with passing out are resolved? Please take care of yourself, okay?

    I used to eat ketchup sandwiches. No shame. Obviously peanut butter is my favourite now, though. Crunch Time PB & Co on Mrs. Crimbles’ White Bread. Mmm….

    Your potato pic had me in stitches 🙂

    I really hope you feel better soon…no boy is worth the agonizing you’re doing and I think he deserves a good poke in the eye for what he’s putting you through.


    P.S Your last comment helped me so much…I even arranged my hummus and salad in a mixing bowl 😉

  2. those baby biscits look so yummy! never thought of looking at baby food, might feel a bit weird! haha! xx

  3. Also, where did you get your soya cheese slices? i cant find them in any supermarket! xx

  4. aha i do it confidently so it probs looks like i have a babyy 😉
    ahh there everywereee or in holland and barrett, do u want me to send u a pack? ive bought tons! in waitrose they have a chunk of soya cheese aswell in the cheese section xx

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