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March 27, 2010

I had the other job interview..i think it personly went alot better than the last one!
please dont jinx it!!!
i really want this job it made me feel all happy inside, unfortuntly there was 18!!!!! other people for interviews..i looked at the list in secret πŸ˜‰ not good aye! thankfully my graphics qualifications might help me out…pleasepleaseplease?
seeing as i will be jobless in 2 weeks and i have payments due out every month 😐   ddddaaaaanng lassy!

hate the ressesion…..

I poped in and grabbed a few items from Waitrose on my way home from lymington,

I tried a tsp of this in a mug of hot rice milk.. was scrum yum

THIS IS MY FAV CEREAL OF ALL TIME!!! the orange box i had for breakfast every day for like 2 years..then tesco stoped selling it and i was heartbroken..found it in waitrose YESS!!!!

These are a new find there was lots of diffrent flavors i thought id try these first

This was pretty rank…in my opinion

I will try these soon!..not helping with the cleaning out the freezer

I lovee this spread, i used to have it all the time on crumpets its such a taaang to it, please i recomend anyone buy it!


and PEONY TEA!!…obviously i only bought this as it has my name on it… i do that alot actually…

My mum ages ago got me a peony plate πŸ™‚

i got a biggg bunch of peonies last year for my 18th πŸ™‚ (old pic)

(excuse the fact i look like a tramp with my hair up and in work uniform..working with pastries makes me look bad at the end of the day πŸ˜‰ )

I feel very fortunate for my name, i like how people are like…huh..everyone says it diffrently too

peaa-o-wne-yy or p-owwnaaaaee but alot of people tend to call me pee, peeballz, peewee or onie


I bought a dress for my birthdayΒ this yearΒ (29th april ;D ) and thought id get a shot of it, it was Β£35 from Goldstone..love that shop

this is a dodgy craptastic shot of me but it shows the dress better..

I’m thinking about hosting a GIVE AWAY in honor of my birthdayy, people intrested in one? what sorta stuff do u wana win?

My best friend Dan came over today and we got a few snaaapsss

We have been best friends for nearly 7 years, how long have you known your best friend for?

vegan hot chocolate!… face book addicts πŸ˜‰

and what did youu get up to today…

i left jason a facebook messege last night, please..send me alottt of luck my way…..i dont want it to end :/




  1. I love your name! I often wish I had something a bit more unique than ‘Jessica’.

    Ooh, that dress is beautiful ~ quite edgy and quirky but extremely stylish. Totally reflects your brilliant personality πŸ™‚

    Good luck with both the job and Facebook ~ just remember that whatever happens, your wellbeing is more important than any guy will ever be. You’re worth only the best and deserve to find an amazing guy, whether he happens to be Jason or not.



  2. Sending lots of good thoughts your way– hope that the job interview pans out!!!

    I love that bear on the box of cereal– so cute!

  3. yay for a good job interview! sending good vibes your way.

    (also, i LOVE that dress!)

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