pony picture past

March 25, 2010

I was off ill from work on wednesday…ugh it was gross!

But it got me looking through some old photos and made me smile! i thought id shair a couple of them with you lovely lot

Horses have always been in my life, my mum was a competitive rider and went away for many shows, exercising alot of diffrent horses every day as well as running a dairy farm! superr womann πŸ™‚ shes such an inspiration for me, she helps run USAR now.. which is international rescue in hampshire fire service which do projects abroud like the heiti earthquake and training up a fire station in thika kenya (provide them with uniforms, equipment and a fire truck, they also go out regurly to train them up) shes also a firewomen

mum visiting the orphans in thika

outside 10 downing street with the prime ministers wife for some sort of reward for their efforts in Heiti earthquake

Training in kenya.

I think because she has such a “go for it” attitude to life has really helped me out, making me feel..

you know what. I CAN DO THIS

anyway im getting of subject here (and boring u with my blabbering)

back to ponies… they have always been around and so i was shown how to ride before i could even walk!

I feel very lucky with the way ive been brought up, yeah maybe i dont go out as much as other people or it was abit “sheltered” but its shown me all about nature and the moors that surounded our farm, i learnt all about diffrent grasses and what happens when a lamb is coming breach, obviously i went to school too but its thoughs little things in life u know πŸ™‚

me and mummyyy home in ireland

this is me on the LEFT riding with my cousin and her mum πŸ™‚ she was my mums best friend since being little so me and emily practicaly grew up together!

Din dinss…well not for me, i made mum and my sister shepards pie but with beef not lamb so i gues its cottage pie..

DO YOU MAKE DINNER FOR YOUR FAMILY? or have the same thing?

You know that free bar i got? well i tried it yesterday on my way to pick my sister up from work.

The bar was very sweet.. you know when u taste dried fruit that has been covered in sugar? thats what it was like, it kept me full untill half 6 (i had it at like 4:40) So was alright as a hold over for dinner…wasnt that hungry to start with so might have been why? it was pretty tiny as well.. but u know free samples are always good! it was plesent and didnt make me gag so one thumb up?

..naughty me for taking a pic on my blackberry whilst driving!

HEHEHE i changed my bed last night and when i put the old bedding on the landing whilst i put on the clean ones i came back and found my doggy izzy snuggled up on it i was like awwwh and got out my phone

I thought i would use up some puff pastry (just rol in the uk is vegan) .. my mums clearing (trying) out the freezer so thats why ive been eating so many pre made vegan burgers and stff trying to get it dowwwwn

anyway! i decided to make sag aloo pasties

I bought this in waitrose

but the star of this making sesh was pizza cartwheels!!!

I rolled out a long strip of puff pastry and covered it in tomato puree, soya vegan creamcheeze, spinach leaves.. I FORGOT THE HERBS 😦

I then rolled it into a long tube and cut it with a blunt knife into little circles and baked for 30 mins

how cute is my little sister πŸ™‚ its hard to beleive how shes grown up”

to this

Whats your memories growing up?



  1. Wow, your sister is just as stunning as you are! And she has brilliant style ~ that dress looks beautiful in combination with her hair and eye colour. Does she know you’ve put a photo on the blog of her with her face painted like a tiger? Might be one angry little sister there if not πŸ˜‰

    Izzy is adorable too!

    Your Mum is such an amazing woman ~ no wonder you’re so fearless and adventurous with such a great role model to look up to. I wish I’d been involved with horse riding when I was little (add that to ballet and playing multiple musical instruments…oh, and acting too. Darn social anxiety held me back even at that age!) but I’m actually quite nervous of horses to this day, as I was thrown off one when I was five and never had the confidence to get back on. My riding hat basically saved my life.

    I’m not crazy about Fruesli bars, though I haven’t had one in years. They’re pretty small and sickly so I tend to avoid them….can’t remember if they have honey in too?

    Given my complete lack of culinary skill I think it’s a given that I don’t cook for my family ~ with my Mum’s anorexia and my Dad’s totally carnivorous nature it would be pretty difficult anyway.

    Hope the boy situation gets resolved soon!


  2. I love looking back through old picture albums and me, my mom and my brother! It’s so weird having flashbacks about growing up! Great photos!!

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