why the pie face?

March 23, 2010

I dont like to air my dirty washing online but i thought id explain why im abit down at the moment!
Me and jason last tuesday planned a great day together for last thursday, he was sooo sweet and everything and i havnt hurd from him since!..i dont realy understand why.. i meen sometimes we go like 3 days without speaking but a whole week? i guess it dosnt soun good even though hes always busy and stuff (works weird hours..always when im off and other way around!) but i meen i txt him twice within this week (gahh i wish u all knew the massive story about how i try to play it cool but play it too cool) i meen i may be over reacting.. i do this alot if he goes like 3 days im like omgg its over he dosnt want me anymoreee, but because he was so wanting to see me when we were talking on tueday its major out of character… ok im going to stop now i think i just need to get it out u know…

I had a job interview today!
its in admin (im going for temp 2 year jobs before i go into the navy) im not sure how well it went..Ā 
there was alot of umm-ing and ahh-ing going on from my part..
it wasnt good! im currently hoping to get a response to
orangutan-appealĀ which is based 10 mins drive away in brockenhurst, the closing date is monday at noon..i hand delived today so fingers crossed!

Lentil gardeners pie!

This was abit of a BISH-BOSH-BASH meal with bits of whatever i could get my hands on shuved in a pan and covered in herbed mashed sweet potatoes… ohh yeeeaahhh!

green lentils, spinach, tomato puree, cherry tomatoes, water, frozen peas, chestnuts, celery, brussel sprouts, tamari sauce, mixed herbs

before bakinggg…

after bakingg for 35-40mins

I lovee abit of mash and veggie fingers! exspeshh when the mash is made with rice milk, and herbiess šŸ˜‰

I got a free sample in the post…

newwww PAPAYA & PINEAPPLE FRUSLI BAR (if u click u can claim YOUR free sample too!..uk only)

I’ve yet to try it but when i do il give u the low downnn, at the moment its only available in waitrose but soon the rest will follow like sheep before u can say wooly jumpers

… enough sheep talk!

The blog world is looovvvvinn their GNOCCHI at the moment, its always been my fav šŸ™‚ and one day i will try making it…

but untill then shop bought is the way for me!

..the sauce was home made though šŸ˜‰

righty oooo then!
i may be going to the cinema tonight with my best friend dan for abit of a cheer up..

have a smashing rest of your day…i hope mine gets better…i HAVE to stop phone watching…it wont make it go off :/



One comment

  1. I was so about to click on the link for the sample, but grrr……I don’t live in the UK šŸ˜¦
    I love getting free samples though!! Good luck on the job!!

    ā¤ Tori

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