Foods from around the world

March 20, 2010

Good morning!

Sorry i havnt been around, job hunting is really taking it out of me, job interview on tuesday though!

I was going to post abit about mine and jason run on thursday but it didnt end up happening..i dont know why? hmm..

and unfortuntly its been raining soo much that me and Calan couldnt go for our bike ride and picnic..

STOP WITH THE RAIN! .. i meen i know its England and it rains ALLL THE TIME

but give us a break yea? ;D TEEHEE

Thought i would start this post off with some art!

Remeber that canvas i started a couple weeks ago? well i finally hung it and forgot to show u 😀 so here u are!





I tried a mixture of saag paneer and sagg aloo, sagg paneer is normaly spinach curry with cheese but commonly changed to tofu, and sagg aloo is spinach curry with potatoes

I used tofu and potatoes

Easy recipe, you can add garlic and spices to the pan first but i didnt

Cumin and coriander in a pan with the potatoes, i added the thawed out frozen spinach in with Half tsp of garam masala
simmer for 10 mins
add the baked tofu slices or chunks and simmer for 5 more mins
then enjoy!

I re-made BANANA BREAD by replacing the white flour with wholewheat and one tbsp less of oil (2) and half the sugar (ran out) i added saltanas and raisins too! it was abit dry to be honest so i put some lemon and lime jam on it ! it was more bready than anything!, soft and yummy though!
pre baking***


I finally got my mesuring cup and spoon set! its so hard trying to make american recipes when i have no cups haha…well ive been using normal cups but id prefer to get it right 🙂 £2.40 on amazon!!


I LOVED ♥ ♥ this!!

I mixed kidney beans, celery, couple chopped cherry tomatoes, spinach and a couple blobs of gluten free brown sauce
this i put in a saucepan with a little water and let it bubble away untill the mixture reduced and the celery was soft
I paired this with brown rice and broccoli…also a small strawberry salad with balsamic
I love making recipes! the brown sauce realy made it TAAANGGY

In another version i added pinapple chunks and subbed the spinach but that was more caribbean:)

I’m going to be trying diffrent recipes from around the world in my coming posts 🙂

On the 6th Apirl Alisdair, my mum and my sister…and obviously me are off to LONGLEAT for any of you none uk bloggers its a massssive safari park, realy well made for the animals and other attractions (click the link)

My mother works in Africa, thika alot and so it probs wont be the same for her…

cant wait though 🙂
Me and ali are going to try get an amazing picture from it to go in my new frame i bought (yes im obsessed with the sea)

what cool things are YOU doing soon?



  1. Ahh! Those pictures are just amazing, particularly the one on the right. You know how much I admire your art anyway but the vibrancy of the colours, the swirling movement in the sky, the sheer passion that comes through in your work for the raw power of the open sea…it truly takes my breath away. If you don’t make a fortune through your pictures then there’s no justice in the world.

    Measuring cups are fantastic…from my perspective because it’s easier to ‘cheat’ a serving on the measuring cup than it is with scales. Naughty me. I don’t bake at all (unsurprisingly) but I use mine for oats mostly.

    Banana bread looks great.

    Have a great time at Longleat 🙂


    P.S I can't believe you were going to be on Supersize vs. Superskinny! I thought they were meant to have some kind of pastoral pyschologist who made sure (haha, typed 'shore' ~ you've got me obsessed with the sea too now!) that the participants didn't have EDs and were stable enough to appear on the show? Irresponsible TV as always. I'm so sorry you had to go through that as I never realised exactly how severely underweight you must have been *hugs*.

  2. I’m backkkkkkk! 😀
    and i’ve still been reading your blog!!
    your art is sooo amazing… you’re really talented! do you sell it?
    oh and I LOVE indian food, chana masala is my fav dish, if you haven’t tried it do it now!!! saag paneer with tofu sounds good as well 😀

  3. that bread looks yummy!! and your art is really good! xxx

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