burgers and pickles

March 14, 2010

oh yesss im a typical teenager!

Tofu Frankfurters are my babiesss….pre vegan when i spent alot of time in Austria, austrian german breakfasts are amazing!

So i was very happy when i came across these taifun organic tofu wiener frankfurter sausages .. woooow try saying that drunk!

I’m not going to lie..this recipe making thing didnt happen this week! its been MANIC at work and with temp job hunting that i just havnt had time!

I did however have time to buy some quicky things to try out from a health food shoppy!

vegan burgersss and vegan chikin burgers

….just add a ton more vegan mayo and ketchup on these, spinach pasta! is amazing

thats brown wholegrain pasta with roasted cherry tomatos, tamari sauce and herbs in this one!

do you like eating meat style things or does it feel abit wierd (if your veggie/vegan)?

To be honest i had to go check the packaging because it tasted TOO much like chicken burgers do.. the first few mouthfuls was like omgg i miss chicken and then it was like omg omg am i actually eating chicken????? oh wait no


I went to the navy recruitment centre today and i’m booked in to a presentation (due to a cancelation) on the 1st april!
Its then going to be around 3 months untill fitness tests and then maybe a further 2 years! but as my mum says its
“two years of preperation not two years of waiting”

gnocchi/ tomato sauce/ tamari sauced tofu/ green beans and salad! its been a while since i had plain oolddd tofu 🙂


the last of the gnocchi bayyybaaayyy!  its a tescos pre made one egg free! the fresh version on sale has egg in it though

vegetable sushi and some sort of tofu shelled stuffed rice thang pack from waitrose

I really want to say i like seaweed.. but i dont think i do :S its just… makes me feel abit queezy an hour or so after!

Spring is a commmmingg…i know its cloudy in lyndhurst (i work here) but at least its not raining! its a start ok!!

do u like sushi? or seaweed for that matter?

xxx night night



  1. I’m not a sushi fan because it never fills me up…I’m starving an hour after eating sushi, no matter how much of it I pack away. Seaweed is something I neither like nor detest, but it depends on the type…Nori is okay but Kombu and Arame are just disgusting!

    Meat-style things creep the living heck out of me…even things like tofu sometimes freak me out if they’re too firm and meaty in texture.

    I am sure the wait will be worth it! I still think you’re so brave for pursuing this path and I think you’ll be a great asset to the Navy 🙂


    P.S I LOVE spinach pasta. The GF versions just aren't the same!

  2. I don’t like that some restaurants feel the need to put a meat substitute into vegetarian and vegan dishes. Somehow they can’t seem to understand that vegetables can be delicious and stand on their own. That being said I love black bean and Boca burgers.

  3. I am not a sushi fan, but my husband is a huge fan however. I think it is a texture things for me.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  4. What are the greens in the first pic? Green beans? All of your meals are plated so well! They look like the perfect balance of nutrients 🙂

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