“In the navyyy..”

March 7, 2010

So i have been keeping some things to myself….
I’m applying for the navy to become a medical assistant!!
My grandad was in the navy (quite high up) and my great aunt was a nurse in it as well,
Its somthing ive always thought about doing but a while ago i made the leap and booked in an appointment
Its for this thursday! me and my mum are getting excited!

If you didnt already know…what ever path you want to go into through the navy you still have to do your 9 weeks training in HMS Raleigh, this 9 weeks will be realy hard! it will include alot of:

  • Strength training
  • Swimming
  • Running
  • Disipline
  • Weapon handling
  • Firefighting

There is alot of re joining tests to do, one including a run (im not very good at running, i re tore my cartlidge recently after forgetting my knee sleeves! so i will be re taking up running to improve my fitness!

click on exercise guide

Alisdair went back to germany today 😦 hes back in three weeks but its going to be well quiet!

hes such a sweetie and bought me a gift to say thankyou for the last few days awwwww

You wouldnt know… but i have a massive asian objects obsession and so he bought me this 🙂

its “good soul” apparently like me 😉  *ego burstsss

check out my chopstick collection 😉

I have collections of asian, nautical and my little pony things 🙂
I decided to use the other half of my udon noodles in a more ethnic way

pinapple noodles and tamari infused tofu

ohh dont forget the roasted cherry tomatoes hehe

At work we made BROWNIES, i made them before but this time me chelsea and dee decided to add chopped nuts and chocolate chips to our mixture

check it outttt this is for saleeee at my bakery 😉

gosh its time i packed my lunch for work tomorrow :/ night all!




  1. That’s great! I hope you’ll get in 🙂

  2. Wow! That’s a huge career change and I really admire you for the path you’re following. I’m too much of a coward to be in the armed forces in any capacity 😦 Those fitness tests sound pretty gruelling but I have no doubt you have the strength and determination to make it.

    What brand of noodles are they? They look gorgeous but I’ve never managed to find udon noodles that puff up like those ones do.


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