Free Tea…

March 6, 2010

Living in the united kingdom makes you automaticaly a tea drinker i think! and I ♥ new flavors of tea!

and i ♥ it even more when i get free tea samples in the post 😉

Twinings to be exact


I’m not going to lie to you.. i didnt like them! they were too hmmm..sweet i think for me, they smelt gorgeous though!

For my course at college we had to design and make chinese tea ceromony pots and cups

HAHAH ok my lighting for these pictures suck but i couldnt be bothered to wait till morning!

My grandad brought these back from japan in the navy! there very old but still so beautiful 🙂

I decided to wim it and not use a recipe and in the end created…..

Tofu and kidney bean blobs!!

I put in the blender half a block of tofu (SHOULD HAVE USED A WHOLE ONE), mixed herbs and a large can of kidney beans
It was realy runny and didnt form patties at all.. i will stick to form mashing next time as i dont have a food prosessor
I plopped the mixture into little dollops of …err mixture and shoved them in the oven!

when i pulled them out they looked like burgers! so i had to re think my plans..

i went with udon noodles topped with tinned plum tomatoes and mixed herbs…. LOVEE IT

The flavors went all together great

and lots of leftover mini burgers to use 🙂

whats your fav flavor of tea?

I lovee green tea with orange and lotus flower and peppermint 🙂 but il experiment with any flavor!



  1. Strawberry rooibos sounds so delicious! I wish I loved in a more tea-drinking country. I’ve heard it’s really great in India- if you work at an office, the “tea boy” comes around at like 3 in the afternoon with delicious tea and sweets. Sounds perfect!

  2. tea! free samples! yay 🙂

  3. Can you send me some of those leftovers so i don’t have to cook tonight? Seriously thinking about making some of those though. They look so tasty… I am jealous that your assigned to make tea pots in your classes!

  4. Sorry your tea wasn’t good! But at least it was free, right? lol Annnd your dinner looks delish so I’m sure that made up for it 🙂

    My favorite tea is green/black tea blends (Tazo makes one called Om and it’s my fav)

    Have a great day!

    xoxox, Lauren

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