Cereal for me..Cereal for you?

March 5, 2010


I’m in the process of making an art website woop woop!…tis why i havnt been around :O

I know i know.. my meals have been way boring, i decided this week i need to crack open my recipe books, but to be fairly honest i just havnt had the time up till now!

I had a realy nice evening with jason even if i had cramps! hes currently on a 3 month extream gym thingybob, his diet (cough*body*cough*) is really good anyway and hes already at the gym like 4 times a week, runs, cycles to work and surfs alot aswell as being a lifegard but i know hes searching for a bigger challege, i will be finding out what sort of crazy work outs hes doing and let you know, I personly find it intresting to find out about diffrent peoples work outs πŸ™‚

I saw that film “leap year” on tuesday night with my friend whos back from germany for a week, we thought it was cute and lovee rom com films, there always abit obvious on the endings but sometimes its nice to have it like that

my mum thought it was funny a 23 year old corporal guy picked that film… i have great friends πŸ˜€ haha

I dont know if you already know this (depending if you read my old blog…) but the REAL alice in wonderland who the book was based on is burried in lyndhurst, hampshire u.k and i walk past her grave every day to get to work πŸ™‚

this obvioulsy inspires me to see the new film coming out on the 5th!…. cant wait πŸ™‚

Totally had this for lunch..

hah dont worry i didnt eat a tub of soy butter… but they do make handy salad bowls for work!

Ok i have tummy pain with this whole gluten thaaang going on, but i meen massive ajustment right for my body?
i could be kidding myself but im going to give it a week, atm its soo painful but im in alot of pain eather way so i will try stick it out!
I do think that it keeps me full for hours though!.. ive been having like some sort of shreddies with fruit and rice milk for breakfast and seriously still full at 12!! that never happens… my usual gluten free cereals dont hold me over at all!

talking about gluten free cereals, ive done another mini selection of my favs!
okok these arnt all gluten free but i have tried them all recently…

Obviously this isnt the only cereals ive tried recently.. i cant find pictures of everything πŸ™‚

I am a big kid though and love how the (vegan) choco stars make my rice milk all chocolatly…well and added nutmeg and cinnamon!

WHATS YOUR FAV CEREAL? do u find gluten free cereals dont fill u up as much? are you a toast or cereal person? or no breakfast at all? haha questions questions…

….just because.. i heart my food cupboard its seperate from my families.. even though its now sporting alot of gluten..

Before christmas there was an offer on soya products to collect the code numbers, when u had collected so so amount you could pick from diffrent prizes
Things like, seeds,yoga mats, cereal bowls, gym passes e.c.t, for me i decided to get a free yearly suscription to “delicious” magazine!

there is soo much in these mags and i just got my next monthly issue πŸ™‚

I will deffently be trying some of these recipes this week! stay tuned πŸ˜‰

Whats your plans for the weekend? I’m hopfully off to the otter and owl conservation park with my family tomorrow, my friend whos back from germany went today after coming in to my work for some lunch before hand and i was gutted i didnt get to go! but theres lots of places we will tackle when hes back at easter….

oooo easter eggs…..mmmm



  1. Ohhh, I do hope your tummy pains settle down 😦 Over the past few months I’ve discovered my stomach is angry whenever I eat yogurt & cottage cheese, but that’s pretty easy to avoid. I can’t imagine tolerating your constant pain! You must be a warrior princess ;P

    I love oatmeal most for breakfast, or some kind of warm cooked grain. Favorite cereals… all bran (no joke), Kashi cereals, Weetabix biscuits, Peanut Butter Puffins πŸ˜€ Cracklin’ Oat Bran is a super hit around here.

    Hope you enjoy your weekend πŸ™‚

  2. I can’t wait to hear about Jason’s workouts ~ I wish I had a superfit and active guy like that to train with!

    I’m sure that your meals aren’t boring in the least as I’ve never seen you make anything that looks less than incredibly creative and delicious, but I know how easy it is to feel like you’re in a food rut, particularly when allergies are involved. Hope the cookbooks inspire you πŸ™‚

    Eee! I’m so excited to see your art website! You know how much I admire you and it’ll be brilliant to get to take a look at more of your work. I still don’t really have the confidence to set one up for myself…maybe one day in the future πŸ™‚

    Gluten-free cereals never keep me full either. I can eat a 100g serving of them and still be starving three hours later. It’s the lack of fibre; that’s why I keep eating oats/oat bran even though I really shouldn’t! Love the cereal reviews though ~ I wasn’t a fan of the chocolate stars or gorilla munch myself because they made my teeth ache and were 90% air, but I adore those cornflakes, brown rice puffs and of course Mesa Sunrise. Didn’t like the muesli though…I’ve never managed to find a good GF muesli 😦 I really want to try the Oaty Bites but I’ve never seen them in the shops where I am…not sure if they have barley in them too which would really do me in stomach-wise.

    I love the way you have bar wrappers on the inside of your cupboard door! That’s a fantastic idea for re-living the memories of bars gone by (Larabars for example). I wish I’d kept all my wrappers now! Lucky you with the Pistachio Larabar because I’ve never managed to try that flavour.

    The otter park sounds awesome ~ if there’s anything cuter than an otter I’ve yet to see it. Sadly my weekend = university work x a million! Although I’m hoping to do something really brilliant on Sunday if all is well *fingers crossed* which might make an appearance on the blog πŸ˜‰

    Have a lovely week-end


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