Hello Gluten

February 27, 2010

(sorry about the blackberry pics. my camras are at someones house)


british weather ayee, when is the sun going to come out!!!

and what is there to do on your days off when its raining?

alot of reading..

that ibs book actually is quite good, its told me that bad sleeping, head aches and stress all go towards ibs… explains alot for my life!!


southampton ayee!

I was looking at my blog views and got really excited 🙂

I wonder if most of you have blogs or are just readers? it would be awesome to find out!


Ive been thinking about putting together a (uk only sorryy) give away, what sort of things do u uk bloggies want to get?

Ive done christmas swaps for bloggers before which was realy fun 🙂 so gimmi some ideas!

I decided to replace a canvas (its on my art page) of the “random girl” and “random guy” with him licking her stomach naked… i decided that these two “random people*cough*” shouldnt be on my wall anymore because it brings up weird old memories… so anyway aha i bought a new canvas to put in its place

The range 🙂 it has loads and really good prices, this was a 40×30 inch for £11.99!!! barginnn

I’m trying to show how big it is by the back of my car haha

Its comming along!!

I love my gluten free pasta salads, well… i love covering them in vegan mayo!

before going vegan i got through soo much pizza and salad cream (together..) and well salad cream on anything!

so vegan mayola is like my sub 🙂 i hear that they make salad cream too? id actually do anything to find that…

 (cue road trip to londonnnn)

heyyy talking about pizza *rumbles* i bought these gluten free pizza bases from waitrose the other day!

I put quite a few diffrent things on it, why not! including half a block of herbed tofu (love)

before baking (the forks jobless its just there to show the size)

after cooking…. it was crisp and well good… mmmm pizzzzzaaaa

quite abit of vegan cheese, spinach, tomato puree, sweetcorn and mushrooms  😀 was a winnnn

the gluten question!!

yes.. i am going to try it again,  im going to try a little bit (read: gnocchi !) to see how i am, my tummy hurts alot eather way so i duno what the diffrence will be 🙂 if it still gives me alot of pain than i will obviously stop it, everythings worth a try isnt it?

So after a quick trip to co-op for these vegan GLUTEN sausages i started my challenge

this is bog standard food, you can pretty much tell what else is there your not stttoooopid 🙂 haha gota love my vegan mayoo

….and the waiting begins! i will lets u know how the gluten goess!!!!

oh before i leave you!

I made a mini cake for my mum and sis

It was seposed to be cupcakes but i ran out of the cases, they liked it 😉

happy birthday nanny 🙂 she looooves her poodles

cyaass xxx



  1. Good luck with re-introducing the gluten! I really, really hope it works out for you. Sorry your tummy’s still bothering you though *hugs* I tried those Linda McCartney sausages back when I first went vegan and hadn’t worked out that it was wheat causing my various symptoms. I really liked them but they didn’t really like me 😛

    Hehe, I’m the same with ketchup as you are with mayo/salad cream: I’d cover everything in it if I could. And gosh that pizza looks good!

    I seriously hope you know and realise how annoyingly talented an artist you are. Wow, am I ever jealous. The sky in that picture is just stunning. I sure the finished product will be a great replacement for the anonymous individuals in the original canvas 😉

    And I have to thank you SO much for introducing me to the Kara Coconut milk ~ it has the same settling effect on my stomach that dairy used to before I was vegan, and it tastes divine. I’ve felt so much better since drinking that instead of Rice Dream and I never would have discovered it if it wasn’t for you 🙂


  2. Wow! Your art looks incredible, you’re so talented. Clearly the creativity spreads to the food too, as that pizza also looks delicious- I’ve had that basil tofu before, and the smoky seeded one by the same make, it’s so yummy, just grilled up in a wholemeal wrap is fab:)
    Good luck with the gluten, fingers crossed for you.
    Love xxxx
    (oooh and special UK giveaway sounds fun!)

  3. It’s strangely good to see UK products on a blog, haha 🙂
    Your art looks amazing, and your food does too!! By the way I really like that tofu!

  4. whoa that weather looks awful! you ar such a talented artist, nice work! yum pizza, basil tofu, salads, sweet taters, so good!

  5. I love love love that they call “crosswords” “arrow-words” in England! I had no idea! I am a crossword (er, arrow word) addict!

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