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February 22, 2010

Herbal remedies? do you take/ beleive in them?

I’m a big beleiver in diffrent ways to help the body without using drugs all the time, not going to lie..if i have a headache i’m going to reach for the ibiprofen..

For my ibs (which controls my whole life) i had acupuncture for a year

Can’t really remember if it helped… i was eating gluten at the time so my stomach was killing me either way ha:D

but anywayss… for the last 2 months i wake up pretty much every two hours through out the night, even though i get up at 6 every morning, dont have any caffinated anythings and lead a very active lifestyle.. i just dont get it!

I received this free sample of Asphalia “for natural sleep”
they do other ones as well including “for natural radiance,pet care, protection and weight control”

It actually has wheat in it….so it might cure my sleep but cause me a belly ache too… cant win both i guess 😛

I have just started to take “korean ginseng” tablets “energy for an active lifestyle” fingers crossed ayee!

Work was soo dead today, i think probibily because all the school kids were off back home after the half term holidays! i got out at 3:45 which wasnt bad, on my way home i got my new passport pictures done as i totally Just found out it runs out IN JUNE not good for my traveling plans!!

Check out the diffrence 2 years make!! …DOES ANY PASSPORT PICTRES EVER COME OUT NICE?!?! ..nahh

(feb 2010)

(may 2008)

I thought i would give my top dairy free milks in this post!

This is just my personal tastes, i dont like milk that tastes too thick or too watery, which i found some rice milks to be like or the soya light was not great…soya original was probibly high on my list as the organic (with added apple juice was errrrrggg)

I made the switch from soya to rice just to see how it makes me feel.. i quite like it…well..i mix inALOT of nutmeg and cinnamon into my cereal, nutmeg is my only love though 🙂

I tried a new milk just coming available though, kara dairy free coconut water milk thangg (the site here)

Ofcourse… i may be a tad alergic to coconut (what the **** am i not alergic too?!?!) so the milk actually hurt abit but it was worth trying… it may have been amazing 🙂 i think it would be good in cakes…or curries

do u like real milk or milk subs? which do u use?

cyaaaaa xxx



  1. The Flapjacksss looks amazing! Yum! I am the same way, try natural remedies before medicine. I really like accupuncture 🙂

  2. I’m slightly paranoid about taking anything ‘foreign,’ herbal or otherwise ~ it’s weird enough for me to take my calcium supplements and vitamins! But I do believe that herbal remedies definitely have more potential for holistic healing than conventional drugs/medication, and generally have less side effects because they’re not artifically engineered. I’m very anti-medication in terms of drug-company produced stuff (not for everyone! Obviously if it’s a case of life or death then that’s a different matter entirely, I just think that sometimes modern doctors think that prescription drugs are the answer to everything and won’t give anything else a chance). I am a total believer in accupuncture though 🙂 Perhaps you could give it another go now that you’ve removed gluten from your diet? I hope the ginseng and asphalia help you too!

    You look stunning in both passport photos to me. You should see some of mine! *shudders*

    I loved hearing your opinions of all of the different milks ~ we have the same favourite! I hated oatly and soy bothers my tummy, but I agree that regular Alpro is far tastier than the Light version.

    OMG! Where did you find that Kara Coconut Milk!? I may or may not have gasped in shock when I read about it, because I adore coconut anything and I’ve been so jealous of the Coconut Milks I see on all of the US blogs. Knowing my luck it won’t be available in the backward North East.

    I love trying out new milk subs, and to me they ALL taste better than the regular version, which I never liked even as a vegetarian.

    Have a great day 🙂


  3. I do believe I can take care of my body without going to a doctor. I use cranberry pills and drink lots of water to control and cure urinary track infections (UTI). I haven’t had to go to the doctor for a UTI in years. Well there was that one time when I was living with a host family and they locked the doors at night and the latrine was outside. Then I got a UTI and I couldn’t cure it myself because I couldn’t drink a ton of water because I couldn’t go to the bathroom. That’s probably way too much information, but I feel like I often people go to the doctor for things they could take care of themselves. They are just so out of tune with their body they can’t identify and prevent problems.

    I also think UTIs, yeast infections and IBS are not talked about because they are viewed as sensitive personal information. Kudos to you for having the guts to discuss your health in an open way, many people will benifit.

  4. I love nutmeg too!! Although nothing can beat cinnamon 😉 As for milk alternatives… I usually use the alpro soya light but I do LOVEEE the lil cartons of the choc for a treat 😀 I’ve been meaning to try rice dream as well but the only one i’ve tried was hazelnut or something and I hated it!! I’ll try the original or vanilla soon 🙂 are you coming to the vitality show btw? xx

    • ha yea im loving the choc milk atm 😀 the strawberry didnt like soo much weird that!
      i’m not sureee :S i think it would be cool, bit nervy going and not realy knowing anyone lol … are you? 😀 xx

      • I know aha I will do if other ppl do but apparently theres only like 3 people at the moment!! :/ x

  5. Ooh, I found that coconut milk in Tesco the other day and I was SO happy! I just started it a couple of days ago so I’m not sure if it will agree with my yet, but so far it’s not so bad. Apparently it’s quite rare to be allergic to coconut but there is some other stuff in it that might disagree with me, so we’ll see. Ooh, we should definitely meet up somewhen 🙂 I knew you were around Hampshire somewhere but Southampton’s not too far away, I go there for OU tutorials. Let me know if you fancy going shopping or something 🙂 lol look at me accosting virtual strangers and trying to get them to hang out with me! All the bloggers I’ve met so far have been nice though, so it’s always great to meet some more!

  6. Thanks for stopping by me bloggie. Love your name too! Peonies are one of my favorite flowers. Sorry about the insomnia — I have it too. Sometimes melatonin helps, or a cup of herbal tea. Good luck!

  7. […] So I was unbelievably stoked when I saw that this was calcium fortified too!  Thank you so much to Peony, because if I hadn’t seen it on her blog then I’d never have known that it existed.  […]

  8. oh my, I can’t believe you had acupuncture. that would make me nervous 🙂

    I don’t personally use any herbal remedies, but I don’t have anything against them. I don’t really take any medicine at this point in my life

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