Lion mornings

January 21, 2010

Afternoon 🙂
Finally got a day off work! and inbetween of a couple art jobs ive got on the go i decided to do a rather boring post
gutted for you 😉 heeh
scrum yum stufffageee

  • half block of firm tofu
  • termeric
  • tamari soy sauce
  • tomatoes/peas/mushroomsI cooked this in a pan with somecooking spray for 10 mins untill the tomatoes were soft and the tofu was browning (yellowing? aha)
    I served it with salad and paprika coated potato wedges.

    I know it seems i eat alot of spuds… well.. actually i do? cant beat them ;D

    This was abit of a quick meal to be honest though, i’m working on the illustrations for a childrens book at the mo and its taking up alot of my time! ..seeing as i can only draw when im not at my actuall job!!
    but anyway…

    A basic tomato pasta sauce with Basil, onion, garlic, tomatoes (chopped and in juice), lemon juice, and black pepper

    I added peas, butter beans and chopped pineapple slices to my sauce while cooking

    I placed it ontop of roasted potato slices and mixed veggies, it was divine!

    the pineapple realy goes well with the sauce.

    I totally wake up with this hair every morning haha,
    Dispite me having the nickname “bunny” i am mostly known by people by my crazy lion hair 🙂 it is actually requested when i go out!
    beleive it or not but its worse when its in its natural dryed state of curlyness rather than blown dry like this..

    a quick run over the the straightners and a slap of makeup and im ready to go…

    😀 soo thankful they were invented.. could be an awesome hippy though…


    one must now dash, i have to finish these pictures!!
    promice next time i will put alot more into my posts 🙂




    1. I have to say I’m alway envious of people with nice full bodied hair. I wound up with the thin, fine hair of a baby. I keep it short so it doesn’t look stringy. I do have to admit it’s easy.

    2. My hair is always crazy too!! I just let it air day and away I go!!
      I love tofu scrambles too!! They rock!

    3. Your food always looks so good I’d like to gobble it right off the screen 🙂

      Man, I wish I had hair as thick as yours! It’s gorgeous in my opinion and much nicer than my thin, straggly mop which is always tied back in a ponytail because it’s the only way to hide the almost bald-looking patches on top :/

      I’m vegan so the Mrs.Crimbles bread certainly does not have eggs in it – good news there! I think some of their other products do but not the bread. It does have ingredients on it though (at least the packets I have) but they’re hidden under the flap which keeps the package sealed.


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