photo tips and my next exhibition :)

February 11, 2011

When taking pictures there are many common errors that alwyas seem to happen! usually just when you want the perrrrfect photo.

these are normally;

  • Red eye
  • out of focus
  • “flash attack”
  • bad lighting
  • The flash causing a “white patch” on the photos is actually the ligh hitting a near object, the flash unit controls itself, bouncing of the first thing it comes in contact with then turns off.

    Flash is good in dark lighting but if there is an object inbetween you and the camra then the issues start

    YOU can change this, to DIY change the flash colour you can always attatch a coloured sweet wrapper/ cellophane over the lense or translucent paper will soften the harshness of the flash.

    By having your subjects back to the light you can avoice the light ‘eating your picture’

    Built in flashes also contribute to red eye, this is because when its darker our iris open wider to let in more light, the light bounces off our retinas causing the red effect

    If the subject looks right at you it would most likey have the red eye, you canremove this usually with a button on your camera or byt defalt picture editors online/ on your laptop/computer.


    my next exhibtion will be part of a young group of artists in the south of england, heres a poster if your local come along!!

    my works up in INFINITY FOODS vegetarian cafe brighton at the moment πŸ™‚



    January 31, 2011

    Well hello there!
    I cant actually belevie how much has changed in my life since i last posted….maybe october?

    This could turn out to be an epic post, not sure who/if anyone will be reading anymore but oh well here goes!
    il cut it short for you..

    To be honest what im going to do is start afresh on this blog, it would be impossible to write all the things that have happened the last few months so im just going to start with from today onwards, that okay? fab!

  • I have a ART EXHIBITION!!!!! up in brightons INFINTY FOODS CAFE, north lanes, at the moment :D!!!!!!
  • Me and henry broke up. a looong time ago, there has been guys since, shocked? …didnt think so! haah
  • I got a new job2 new jobs, one was a temp john lewis one for xmas and then my new job!!! as a trainee dental nurse!I feel, so, so happy that finally someone has shown me a glimmer of hope,as you know how missrible my old job was making me, i love this! im starting evening dental course in march! :), Its like 2 mins from my house aswell and i even get to go home for lunch break :DI promice next time i will get back into a pattern but for now, i will leave you with pictures!

    promice my next post wont be so lame, i just thought id give a quick update!

  • h1

    Trotting along…

    October 16, 2010

    So much has happened in the last few seasons.

    I have been offered 2 art shows! one next september as a solo exhibition!!! and one next month in brighton, fantastic right?!!? il post more aout it next time πŸ™‚ when i know more details

    I have a boyfriend called Henry :), some would say rushed, but everyone knows when its right

    (sister taking stalking pictures whilst we talked…)
    I always go months and months not getting anywere with guys or just wanting to be “un-official” but sometimes u just think. hell…. u know what? this feels good πŸ™‚
    I recon’ this has helped me be happier at work, but i am still avadly searching, i figured it has only been less than two months since i started, it seems wayyy more!!!

    I cooked dinner for my sister and Hen the other night though and it was a meat eaters lovee

    I browned off mince with oxo and in a pan on the side cooked peppers, peas and onions untill browned,
    All i did really was add this to the mince to give it more flavor, with added S+P πŸ™‚
    The left over oil in the pan i tossed the pre par-boiled potatoes to give them more flavor and then sliced them, placing them ontop of the mince like a tiled roof
    Grated cheese and abit of herbs and in the oven it went untill it was boiling and melted ontop
    it went down wellll with them both πŸ™‚

    Now of outside to enjoy the autumn weather…

    question: would anyone be intrested in seing the before and after shots of vegan/new meat eaters body?

    its not bad…im defined now! on my tummy πŸ™‚


    A firefighters meal pack, opened

    October 3, 2010


    I chopped polenta into chunks with leeks, roasted asparagus, marrow, king prawns, soy sauce, broccoli and black pepper! when it was cooked i used my last miso soup packet to make a chunky thick sauce to place on top..was gooood and quick!

    I was saying about some jewelry im starting to make all from this bracelet!

    more to come!

    I feel english classes are going soo well at the moment, shes giving me tons of praise and im not going to lie it feels great to finally be doing work ! i missed learning so bad, i made friends with a guy in my class called mike though and were shairing lifts from now on as he lives really close to me, handy or what!

    I love feeling as if im realy going forward in my life and that feels great πŸ™‚

    If you are a regular to my blog you would already know that my mum is a fire fighter and in charge of USAR (urban search and rescue), the point being is there was a tonnn of left over rashion packs from a recent exercise and i thought i would have a little look inside to see what meals are given to “on the go firefighters” to last them allllll daaaayyy

    BREAKFAST~ 1278 kcal

    “sunshine cereal with cantaloupe” packet

    engergy bar (198kcal) energy drink – rasberry flavor

    sugar free gum cocoa drink



    hand cloth

    chlorine tablet for water

    LUNCH~ 1327 kcal

    “sweet ‘n’ sour chicken” packet

    oat energy biscuits

    tuna (lime + pepper) sachet

    energy drink- lemon flavor

    cocoa drink

    energy bar


    sugar free chewing gum

    hand cleaning wipe

    cholrine tablet for water

    DINNER~ 1148kcal

    energy drink- peach flavor

    “cod and potato stew” pack

    energy bar

    blackcurrent drink



    sugar free chewing gum

    cleaning wipe

    chlorine tablet for water

    this all for a day in a fire fighting meal pack for a day πŸ™‚

    I dont know if that intrests you but i find it cool to see what sort of things they have, its a good mix of carbs, protein, fats and sugar to keep them going. i like how the bigger meal is at lunch so that its not too heavy on them at night for when they are sleeping in makeshift tents!

    If you want any of the energy bars/ oat biscuits i’ll send them to you! the energy bars have dairy in but a usual bar of less than 200kcals, ive tried the oat biscuit slabs and they are super yummy and keep u full πŸ™‚ so let me know!!

    and so i will leave u now as ive already typed too much,

    (hummus salad sarnie btw…love this mag! going to try make a few things from it next week BANANA CAKE!)

    My sister ready for a party as a hippie…its weird to think i actually own all these clothes..HAHA oh gawwd….


    Cooking on a time limit.

    September 28, 2010

    oh hello rejection letters,
    its nice to hear from you but why so frequently?!?
    yours, anoyed job hunter

    my counselling course has been delayedd! But thats ok! im booked to start it in Janurary which gives me abit more time to concentrate on my maths and english evening classes πŸ™‚

    Its been about eating on the run though! and some times i dont always have time to make proper meals, i bought this quick and easy lot from budgens on my way to (what i thought was counselling…)

    Chicken pasta a bear pear and orange juicee, i actually had the pair PEAR (why is it soo hard to write pear?!?) at 9pm..u kno just b’cos!

    yeaaa ibs hates garlicy onion gluten pastaaaa =bad move

    Obviously with all the bad job issues im having at the moment ive been getting quite down/depressed, i hate feeling like this and so my friend stevie called up and asked if i wanted to see that new julia roberts film πŸ™‚ he said it was about a lady trying to find who she was and going from there and said thats what im trying to do, i took up his offer even though it was a sunday evening after work and all i wanted to do was curl in a ball and stew in my self pity state..oh god haha

    I tried to get a nice picture of stevie in the cinema but i failed haha he never lets me take pictures, i got one of myself though before hand… haha talk about caught in the camra flash light haha

    I managed to kind of take a picture of him last christmas..hahha some people i guess just hate pictures!

    I have decided though even if i have no time that i have ended up latly eating the same sort of things, tinned spaghetti..soup…alot of sandwiches..jackets….fish fingers…..more tinned spaghetti haha that i will MAKE SOME FOOD!



    the beauty of freezers aye!

    I baked the marrow ring, covered in tin-foil for 15 mins to soften it up whilst in the microwave i heated up some soy mince mixed with water, mixed herbs, soy sauce and heinz tomato ketchup until it created a gravy and heated through.

    I then drained the mince and placed it inside the marrow ring, priking the side of the marrow and placed it in the oven for 30 mins, **i used the rest of the mince gravy to pour on afterwards**

    Whilst that was cooking i micro’ed a sweet potato untill soft and mashed,

    i placed this ontop of the marrow ring and returned it into the oven for the remaining 30 mins

    this was sooo nice! it was also nice though to actually cook somthing diffrent πŸ™‚ i love stuffed marrow its always been a favorite of mine, aparently my mum used to eat it tons whilst preggers with me, might be why?

    (btw thats grilled sweet potato skins next to the grilled asparagus and left over gravy)

    ive been working on a whole string of jewlrey which im excited to show you next time!

    my family have gone to Malta this week as my mum has done a paddy diving course and wants to test it out so homeee alone πŸ™‚ lush!



    Life chapter changes…

    September 18, 2010

    I made a pact with myself this week…

    to change diffrent parts of my life in order to make me happier

    Things i mainly wanted to start to change were:

  • My job.
  • My career path
  • My going nowhere with rich
  • My social life

    Its now saturday morning and i wanted to shair with you what has happened this week πŸ™‚

  • I have been offered three job interviews
  • I started my english and maths evening courses (start counselling course the week after)
  • I havn’t spoken to Rich in a whole week..not sure why…kind of gave up on it (hes so shy bless him)
  • I have aranged loads of meet ups over the next few weeks, including going to my friends 21st tonight πŸ™‚I FEEL GOOD

    Lets back track a little bit though…..

    Tiger Lily, Bedford place in southampton!!Click here for a lookie!

    Chelsea, Mee and deanna

    Lilly and Sarah πŸ™‚

    Oh yess this is sweet and sour chicken and egg fried rice, i tried abit of lilly’s tai green curry and one of sarahs mini spring rolls, gotta live a ittle dont you think πŸ™‚

    It was a lovely place and my meal (the sweet and sour chicken and seperate egg fried rice) cost only 9 pounds! bargin, it was a realy nicely decorated place and i would defently go back,
    It had a chinese OR indian menu with an optional Buffet menu instead!

    after our meal we all went our seperate ways and i walked down to the “giddy bridge” to meet my best friend dan, walking in i bumped into RICH!Β Β it wasnt a big suprise as i had gotten a text from him earier going “look who im parked next to” and a pic of my car but stil didnt know he was there, i stayed for about 2 hours then as everyone was going on to clubs i went home as i had work at 9 the next morning

    Me and dannn πŸ˜€

    Im having a truly moldy month at work.
    I was wrote down to work saturday (even though its practicily my only day off…ever) and im reallu busy so i cant do it! and my boss went SKITZ.. she chucked a plate at my head and swore at me so bad, they didnt speak to me for the next 4 hours and it was DEAD at work
    horrid, i so wanted to walk out but i coulddnt, i need the money and i dont have any other choice untill someone else wants to employ me.. so far..no luck
    there was an UP though, a guy came in and we got chatting about photography and then we went out for a drink afterwards, it was really refreshing and saved me from awkward end of the day chat (just because they have too) conversations with my boss.
    i want to cry even typing this, i seriously cant do working there anymore πŸ˜₯

    I have this written on my leg so if im really upset at work i can just look at it to make me feel better…weird but it helps!(my legs are smooth i promice seing as i wear a skirt to work ahah)

    okokokok enough of the depressive work talk!! i swear im usually a massivily always smiling person but its just really gotten to me , even more so now the students have all gone back and im just there..with my boss..and her best freind…

    but all is not lost! as i got offered a job interview for next tuesday! wish me luck pleasee!!

    to chear me up mum and my sister took me out to dindins, this white meat thing has really given me tons of energy to be honest, i feel so much more fu for longer and feel im no thinking about food alot of the time, but i do find that the gluten is realy hurting my stomach bad at the moment, im going to cut down a little and see if its that or the soya spread that i already know hurts my tum tum oooh ibs i hate u! πŸ˜‰

    it was a chicken and mushroom with gravy pie… oh yes and i loved it πŸ™‚ i didnt have my wedges though as im not a fan of chips or wedges to be fair, i had some of my peas though, it was a really nice evening

  • Β 

    I made some pasties though! but as this post is draggging as it is i will leave it for my next one πŸ™‚ they were nice though and im going to post a “how too” on them πŸ™‚

    to finish off this blabber sesh i will show u some earings i made!!
    I had a seashell style bracelet and it was abit scratchy so i decided to turn some of the charms on it into earings, i love them πŸ™‚



    stewin’ n” paintin’

    September 5, 2010

    Im actually very happy with this, i know its not an exact replica but its my first ever portrait painting as i’m terrible at painting people, ive been trying to practice to better myself so im happy i took the plunge!

    Ive had these packets of miso instant soup packets
    in my cupboard for a long time, reason? i didnt think it on its own would fill me up so i havnt bothered with it! But looking in my draws the other day i had abit of a brain wave (maybe im abit slow?) but i thought STOCK CUBE REPLACMENT

    Ive tried it two diffrent ways now, one empting it into the saucepan of cooking rice to bubble away and the second adding it into a pan with diffrent vegetables cooking away abit like a paella type thing?
    I love it! the flavor and little chewy bits of tofu is great πŸ™‚ not sure why i didnt think of it before!

    nop that was not veggie fingers, salmon fish fingers to be clear. and they were bl**dy tasty!

    so ive been back from holiday now for a week or so…
    Dont you find post holiday hair anoying? mine hasn’t been the same since i got back from Rome,
    I went to boots and bought a few Aussie hair product (click here) conditioner packets and a leave in conditioner spray, i find this brand amazing it has done wonders for my hair in the past, have you used it?

    Stewed apples? somthing your gran eats? apple pie middle?

    I lovee it! i made my own from some cooking apples my mums boyfriend collected from the tree,

    I did want to make a apple pie or crumble but i got distracted.. i just boiled the cored/skinned chopped apple bits with some cloves and then removed the cloves and YUM!

    I tried them diffret ways.. one with oatibix/ rice milk and banana- no joke it tasted JUST like apple pie for breckie!

    It spread really nicely on toast aswell just like that apple sauce thing everyone talks about (on here…not in real life)

    Basically thumbs up!

    Righty-oo so im of to get ready as me and the work girlies are off out tonight for dinner πŸ™‚ il report back on the evening
    bubaaaii xox

    teehee kim going to help mum in some dodgy working outside trousers and rich’s band t-shirt, its cool dont u think πŸ™‚